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Bandai has been making fans happy the past few years with their Teen Titans line, and this should be no exception. Although many are not thrilled with the 3" line's lack of a proper scale, it hasn't been enough for most to not pick these little gems up. For 2006 Bandai ups the ante and gives us the first version of The Doom Patrol figures ever in plastic! And the original team, no less! It's not just about the Titans, though. Read on:

Power Rangers march on. This is, I believe, the 14th season. Most people don't realize that the Rangers are perrenial best sellers and the brand is #2 with kids just behind Star Wars. The next wave of figures will feature light up functions, the wave after that will have triple face spinning action. There will be a new wave of 12" talking figure. The next Megazord will be a series of connecting trains.

Teen Titans will continue through 06, after that Bandai will reevaluate the viability of the line. Rumors abound that the cartoon is finished, so it's anyone's guess whether or not the demand for these will last a year from now. New 3" figures feature the entire Doom Patrol including Beast Boy in his DP uniform and The Brain, leader of the Brotherhood of Evil. After the Doom Patrol wave they will release a series of translucent versions of popular characters. The team will be completed in the deluxe super-poseable 5" line with Raven and Starfire. We also get a new possesed version of Slade. His mask is completely removable, revealing the ghoulish features underneath. The 10" line has been put on hold for now. The next wave of vehicles are based on insects.

BEN 10
Bandai's new property is the Cartoon Network's BEN 10. The story is that this kid Ben is touring the country with his sister and his grandfather in an RV they call "the rust bucket." The see an asteroid hit the earth and when they go find it Ben finds a device the fuses to his wrist. With this device he can become many different alien superheroes, all with different powers.for about 10 minutes. The line will be supported by a 5" and a 9" line.
bandaiDSC00459.jpg (403 K)
bandaiDSC00460.jpg (265 K)
bandaiDSC00461.jpg (300 K)
bandaiDSC00462.jpg (160 K)
bandaiDSC00463.jpg (364 K)
Ben 10 Display

Ben 10
8" Figures

Ben 10
4" Figures
Ben 10 Ben 10 Display
bandaiDSC00464.jpg (199 K)
bandaiDSC00465.jpg (227 K)
bandaiDSC00466.jpg (248 K)
bandaiDSC05110.jpg (215 K)
bandaiDSC05111.jpg (217 K)
Diamondhead, Upgrade, Stink Fly, Heat Blast Ghost Freak, XLR8, Wild Mutt, Ripjaws Ben 10 Deluxe Figures Power Rangers Display Power Rangers Display
bandaiDSC05112.jpg (248 K)
bandaiDSC05113.jpg (181 K)
bandaiDSC05130.jpg (196 K)
bandaiDSC05115.jpg (193 K)
bandaiDSC05116.jpg (248 K)
Steedergon Fury Megazord Titan Megazord Teen Titans Display Teen Titans 3" Figures 5" Starfire Figure
bandaiDSC05117.jpg (215 K)
bandaiDSC05118.jpg (192 K)
bandaiDSC05114.jpg (304 K)
bandaiDSC05120.jpg (215 K)
bandaiDSC05121.jpg (250 K)
5" Raven Figure 5" New Slade Figure 3" Doom Patrol Figures! 3" Beast Boy Figure 3" Elasti-Girl Figure
bandaiDSC05122.jpg (257 K)
bandaiDSC05123.jpg (227 K)
bandaiDSC05124.jpg (218 K)
bandaiDSC05125.jpg (207 K)
bandaiDSC05126.jpg (184 K)
3" Negative Man Figure 3" The Brain Figure 3" Mento Figure 3" Robotman Figure 3" Translucent Figures
bandaiDSC05127.jpg (197 K)
bandaiDSC05119.jpg (200 K)
bandaiDSC05129.jpg (219 K)
bandaiDSC05131.jpg (161 K)
bandaiDSC05128.jpg (254 K)
3" Translucent Figures 3" Translucent Figures Teen Titans Insect Vehicles Teen Titans Insect Vehicles Teen Titans Mini Figures

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