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Corgi had a showroom in the Toy Center as well as a booth in the Javits center and there were some different items on display at both locations.

Marvel Die-Cast Statues

New for 2006 are the Marvel Die-cast statues. These 5-6" statues are SOLID metal, and they are HEAVY. The sales men in the show room thought it was great fun to suggest to folks to pick up the production sample of the Thing statue. You knew it would be heavy, but you weren't expecting it to be that heavy. Series One- Wolverine, The Thing, Captain America and Spiderman. Series Two will be- Storm, Thor, Colossus and Dark Phoneix. These have an impressive amount of detail and some dynamic poses that should excite many Marvel fans.

Production samples of series one except for Wolverine were in their showroom, Wolverine was on display at the Javits booth.


The popular Batman line of vehicles bassed on the comic series continues with four six vehicles that will be seeded into the line. Five new batmobiles from the 1960s to the present are included as well as Killer Moth's "mothmobile." Only the art for the new vehicles was shown in the main showroom, but samples of the upcoming release could be found at the Javits booth. This line has been a great seller for Corgi and they are looking into what bat-related vehicles to make next.

James Bond

Shown at UK Toy Fair was the new car that will be featured in the upcoming James bond flick "Casino Royal." This was actually the debut of the new Astin Martain. It debued to the world as a die-cast car before the really product was ever shown. The car was at US Stoy Fair, but at the time I was touring the showroom it was being used in a presentation for the licensor.


The Star Treck, Doctor Who and Wallace and Gromit items are all over seas exclusives and have been shipping over the past five years.
corgiDSC00753.jpg (275 K)
corgiDSC00754.jpg (274 K)
corgiDSC00755.jpg (231 K)
corgiDSC00756.jpg (206 K)
corgiDSC00826.jpg (283 K)
Marvel Die-Cast Statues Die-Cast Thing Die-Cast Captain America Die-Cast Spider-Man Die-Cast Wolverine
corgiDSC00757.jpg (237 K)
corgiDSC00829.jpg (477 K)
corgiDSC00759.jpg (240 K)
corgiDSC00760.jpg (302 K)
corgiDSC00758.jpg (174 K)
Die-Cast Marvel Packages Batmobile Display Batmobile Display Batmobile Display Batmobile Concepts 2006
corgiDSC00761.jpg (160 K)
corgiDSC00762.jpg (236 K)
corgiDSC00763.jpg (210 K)
corgiDSC00828.jpg (330 K)
corgiDSC00764.jpg (376 K)
2006 Line-Up Batman Packaging New Batmobiles New Batmobiles Modern Age Set
corgiDSC00765.jpg (225 K)
corgiDSC00767.jpg (404 K)
corgiDSC00768.jpg (333 K)
corgiDSC00766.jpg (287 K)
corgiDSC00769.jpg (278 K)
Golden Age Set James Bond Display James Bond Die-Cast Vehicles Tales Of Midnight Statues Misc. Licenses Display

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