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Dark Horse Coverage

Dark Horse continues on with it's ever growing push into the world of specialty merchandise. For 2006 the range of their products is impressive, and very unique.

To begin, they are offering a large "animated style" statue of Hellboy. No word yet on possible other properties in this popular style. Toy2R follows this up with their own take on the animated Hellboy with QEE block-figures of Hellboy and Abe Sapien. An ornament of the spaceship Serenity should please fans of Joss Whedon's popular creation. In an amazing development, Dark Horse will be reprinting Walt Disney's Gremlins story for the first time since the original publication. Originally adapted as a feature script based on the book written by Roald Dahl during World War II, it was ultimately abandoned and never produced after Warner Bros. beat Disney to the punch with two Gremlin themed cartoons of their own. Although much artwork was produced for the film, not much has been seen before now. Dark Horse will be making vinyl characters in addition to the book.

Speaking of vinyl figures, Dark Horse will also be continuing their line of cult characters brought to life in vinyl. On deck for 2006 is Underdog, Amy & Jordan, Al Capp's The Shmoo, Mutts (who will also get a 4 piece PVC set)and a set of imported Medicom vinyl figures of the Kellogg's cereal mascots. Kellogg's mascot will also be getting a new lease of life with a new series of their acclaimed Syroco statues sculpted by Yoe! studios. The initial line-up includes Frosted Flakes' Tony the Tiger, Corn Flakes' Cornelious the Rooster, Sugar Pops Pete, Rice Krispies' Snap, Crackle, & Pop, Cocoa Krispies Jose the Monkey, and Sugar Smacks' Smaxey the Seal. Some of these characters haven't been seen in 50 years, so here's hoping they continue the revival.

As a follow-up to the successful Syroco comic strip line, Dark Horse now introduces a comic book line that features popular characters from years gone by and even a few our the modern day heroes. Also sculpted by Yoe!, the first wave consists of Hellboy, Magnus: Robot Fighter, Bone, Marv of Sin City, Conan, and Groo the Wanderer. Dark Horse will also be making busts of Conan and his nemesis Thoth-Amon. Dark horse will also be distributing imported StarWars and Robocop figures by Kotobukiya and a new series of figures by SD Toys which consist of the curious assortment of Larel, Hardy, Charlie Chaplin...and Steve Queen? They look nice, in any case.
darkhorseDSC00549.jpg (142 K)
darkhorseDSC00550.jpg (205 K)
darkhorseDSC00551.jpg (113 K)
darkhorseDSC00552.jpg (233 K)
darkhorseDSC00553.jpg (176 K)
Hellboy Animated Style Statue Hellboy & Abe Sapien Qees Serenity Ornament Disney's Gremlins Display Underdog Vinyl Figure
darkhorseDSC00554.jpg (84 K)
darkhorseDSC00555.jpg (236 K)
darkhorseDSC00556.jpg (347 K)
darkhorseDSC00557.jpg (202 K)
darkhorseDSC00558.jpg (135 K)
Shmoo Vinyl Figure Legend of Zorro Statue Kellogg's Cereal Tin Sign Replica Medicom Kellogg's Vinyl Imports Syroco Cornelious, Tony, Sugar Pops Pete Figurines
darkhorseDSC00559.jpg (247 K)
darkhorseDSC00560.jpg (162 K)
darkhorseDSC00561.jpg (239 K)
darkhorseDSC00562.jpg (174 K)
darkhorseDSC00563.jpg (237 K)
Syroco Snap, Crackle, Pop Figurines Syroco Jose Monkey, Smaxey Seal Figurines Syroco Comic Figures: Hellboy, Magnus, Bone, Marv, Conan, Groo Conan Bust Thoth-Amon Bust
darkhorseDSC00564.jpg (198 K)
darkhorseDSC00565.jpg (234 K)
darkhorseDSC00566.jpg (137 K)
darkhorseDSC00567.jpg (205 K)
darkhorseDSC00568.jpg (165 K)
Hot Stuff & Casper Display Amy & Jordan Vinyl figures Mutts Vinyl Figures & PVC set Imported Kotobukiya Star Wars Vinyl Model Kits Kotobukiya Robocop Trilogy Figures
darkhorseDSC00569.jpg (198 K)
darkhorseDSC00570.jpg (311 K)
darkhorseDSC00571.jpg (252 K)
darkhorseDSC00572.jpg (182 K)
SD Toys Movie Icons- Charlie Chaplin SD Toys Movie Icons- Stan Laurel SD Toys Movie Icons- Oliver Hardy SD Toys Movie Icons- Steve McQueen

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