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2005 was another great year for DC Direct, with the introduction of new action-figure lines like Elseworlds, Alex Ross “Justice” and the 13” deluxe format, and . In 2006, DC Direct continues to deliver to its fans and collectors more exciting, highly sought after collectibles "direct from the source." We will see popular lines continued this year (Identity Crisis, Superman/Batman, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Elseworlds, Justice, Green Lantern) as well as some new ones (Knightfall, Infinite Crisis, JLA: Classified, New Frontier, Dark Victory, Re-Activated, Silver-Age Superman) and we should see more surprises at the San Diego Comic Con in July! In addition to action figures, DC Direct will also be continuing the fantastic Batman Black & White statue series and Women of the DC Universe busts, as well as supporting the much-anticipated Superman Returns film with various figures, statues and collectibles made in conjuntion with both WETA and GentleGiant.. Plus DC Direct will have the usual wide variety of amazing statues, unique props and other great collectibles for collectors of all ages. In addition to the super-hero properties, DC Direct will also be introducing the Looney Tunes figures to round out 2006!

Documenting the epic Batman series “Knightfall”, this series of figures is due out in February and includes Azrael Batman, Nightwing, Catwoman, Bane and Mask of Tengu Batman. JLA: Classified series one continues the Ed McGuinness-styled line of figures for DC Direct. Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern John Stewart, the Flash, and Aquaman are due out in April. Superman/Batman Series 2: The Return of Supergirl is another series of Michael Turner styled-action figures. Darkseid, Superman, Batman, Supergirl, and Corrupted Supergirl are due out in June.

Based on the miniseries and using the designs of artist Darwyn Cooke, the New Frontier series recounts the dawn of the DCU's Silver Age. These are due out in July and include Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow and Blackhawk. The Batman: Dark Victory figures are a follow up to last year’s successful Batman: The Long Halloween figures created in the Tim Sale-style. This series includes Batman, Robin, Penguin (Robin and Peguin are in a 2-pack together since they are both so small), Scarecrow and Commissioner Gordon. The second series of the popular Green Lantern action figures are due out in August, and include the new Manhunter Robot, a new Guy Gardner, the Shark, Saalak and Sinestro in the Green Lantern uniform. Hot on the heels of the popular Infinite Crisis miniseries that is turning the DC Universe upside-down, these figures are due out in September. Beside an awesome new Power Girl and giant Mongul, this series also contains the villainous Alexander Luthor (featuring the action figure worlds FIRST afro accessory. That's right it's not a second head, it's a slip-on afro), Earth Prime Superboy and OMAC.

Let me just say that the Mongul figure is HUGE. He may be the biggest DCD figure yet.

The Alex Ross-styled line of figures supporting the “Justice” mini-series was a huge hit for DC Direct in 2005. Continuing the line in 2006, wave 3 is scheduled for May and wave 4 is scheduled for September. WAVE 3: Green Lantern, the Joker, Plastic Man, Poison Ivy, and Wonder Woman. WAVE 4: Captain Marvel (Shazam!), Black Adam, Hawkman, Zatanna, Solomon Grundy. The new Re-Activated line contains reworked and repainted versions of popular figures. This line contains Superman, Wonder Woman (with new added articulation), Batman, the Joker and Lobo.

After a successful launch of the 13” format in 2005 with the Superman Deluxe figure, DC Direct continues this line of realistically proportioned, super-heroic 1/6-scale figures with some great additions in 2006! Green Lantern is scheduled to ship in March (with a lantern that really lights up), Lex Luthor is due in July and Two-Face (with coin and gun) will be released in September. The previously unannounced Batman Deluxe figure will be released at the end of the year, with more to come! And don't forget the 13" Superman Returns figure based on the upcoming summer blockbuster.

Who’s Who Mystery Box Series - DC Direct introduces a new figure line featuring pivotal moments in the history of the DCU! This series of 2.5" scale micro trading figures feature the greatest characters in DC Comics, and in addition each series contains bonus parts included with each character that can be combined to form another accessory (Series One is the Batmobile, and Series Two is the JLA Satellite). Each figure comes in "blind box" packaging for added collectibility. SERIES 1: Superman, Batman, Green lantern, Flash, Captain Marvel (Shazam!) and the Joker SERIES 2: Batman, Hawkman, Red Tornado, Green Lantern and Superman vs. Despero

The popular Batman Black & White statue continues in 2006 with some fantastic additions! The Mike Mignola version is due out April and the Steve Rude version in August. We also got the first glimpse of the Kelly Jones version too, due out at the end of the year. We finally get a chance to buy the Ruben Procopio sculoted CaptainMarvel/Billy Batson statue. This statue will feature both lights and sound. DC also showed mini or half sized versions of the Hal Jordan and Kyle Rainer light-up lantern battery props.

The new Looney Tunes Golden Collection action figures from DC Direct capture the vintage look of the classic Loony Tunes characters and action from the various skits. SERIES 1: “The Scarlet Pumpernickel” Sylvester and Daffy Duck; “What's Opera Doc?” Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny) SERIES 2: "Baseball Bugs" Gashouse Gorilla and Bugs Bunny; "Scrambled Aches" Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote).

Julius again sat down with the DC Direct crew for an exclusive interview that is coming soon. But in the meantime here is an AFI exclusive piece of news:

The next 1/4 figure in the line will be Classic Aquaman!


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Cartoon Network Display Looney Tunes Display Looney Tunes Packaging Bugs, Mad Doc & Gossamer Bugs and Yosemite Sam
dcdirect06.jpg (201 K)
dcdirect07.jpg (189 K)
dcdirect08.jpg (260 K)
dcdirect09.jpg (266 K)
dcdirect10.jpg (241 K)
Looney Tunes Display Looney Tunes Display DC Direct Display DC Direct Display "Re-Activated" Figures
dcdirect11.jpg (262 K)
dcdirect12.jpg (320 K)
dcdirect13.jpg (152 K)
dcdirect14.jpg (194 K)
dcdirect15.jpg (315 K)
"Re-Activated" Batman "Re-Activated" Lobo Dark Victory Figures Green Lantern: Rebirth Figures Alex Ross Joker, Hawkman, Shazam!
dcdirect16.jpg (179 K)
dcdirect17.jpg (199 K)
dcdirect18.jpg (257 K)
dcdirect19.jpg (252 K)
dcdirect20.jpg (234 K)
Alex Ross Figures Alex Ross Figures Alex Ross Plastic Man Alex Ross Green Lantern Alex Ross Poison Ivy
dcdirect21.jpg (208 K)
dcdirect22.jpg (321 K)
dcdirect23.jpg (334 K)
dcdirect24.jpg (340 K)
dcdirect25.jpg (328 K)
Elseworlds Display Elseworlds- Red Son Batman & Superman Elseworlds- KC Norman McKay & Spectre Elseworlds- Gotham By Gaslight Batman & KC Jade New Frontier Superman
dcdirect26.jpg (456 K)
dcdirect27.jpg (289 K)
dcdirect28.jpg (251 K)
dcdirect29.jpg (326 K)
dcdirect30.jpg (350 K)
New Frontier Green Lantern New Frontier Green Arrow New Frontier Blackhawk

New Frontier Blackhawk

New Frontier Wonder Woman
dcdirect31.jpg (250 K)
dcdirect32.jpg (247 K)
dcdirect33.jpg (229 K)
dcdirect34.jpg (246 K)
dcdirect35.jpg (243 K)
Mike Turner Darkseid & "Evil" Supergirl Mike Turner Superman Mike Turner Supergirl Mike Turner "Evil" Supergirl Mike Turner Batman
dcdirect36.jpg (178 K)
dcdirect37.jpg (301 K)
dcdirect38.jpg (365 K)
dcdirect39.jpg (336 K)
dcdirect40.jpg (358 K)
"Silver Age" Daily Planet Figures "Silver Age" Superman Packaging Identity Crisis Green Arrow Identity Crisis Deadshot Identity Crisis Hawkman
dcdirect41.jpg (402 K)
dcdirect42.jpg (207 K)
dcdirect43.jpg (209 K)
dcdirect44.jpg (367 K)
dcdirect45.jpg (199 K)
Identity Crisis Zatanna Identity Crisis Flash Identity Crisis Batman & Elongated Man Identity Crisis Dr. Light Superman Through the Ages Figures
dcdirect46.jpg (162 K)
dcdirect47.jpg (180 K)
dcdirect48.jpg (253 K)
dcdirect49.jpg (278 K)
dcdirect50.jpg (207 K)
Beppo! now with a tail! Infinite Crisis Figures Infinite Crisis Alex Luthor Infinite Crisis Power Girl Infinite Crisis Superboy Prime
dcdirect51.jpg (283 K)
dcdirect52.jpg (241 K)
dcdirect53.jpg (196 K)
dcdirect54.jpg (235 K)
dcdirect55.jpg (191 K)
Infinite Crisis OMAC Infinite Crisis Mongul II Crisis on Infinite Earths Figures Crisis on Infinite Earths Brainiac Crisis on Infinite Earths Luthor
dcdirect56.jpg (212 K)
dcdirect57.jpg (231 K)
dcdirect58.jpg (243 K)
dcdirect59.jpg (338 K)
dcdirect60.jpg (165 K)
Crisis on Infinite Earths Flash Crisis on Infinite Earths E2 Superman Who's Who Packaging 13" Figures Display Who's Who Dioramas
dcdirect61.jpg (153 K)
dcdirect62.jpg (183 K)
dcdirect63.jpg (215 K)
dcdirect64.jpg (163 K)
dcdirect65.jpg (311 K)
Who's Who Dioramas Who's Who Dioramas Who's Who Dioramas Who's Who Dioramas 13" Green Lantern
dcdirect66.jpg (336 K)
dcdirect67.jpg (341 K)
dcdirect68.jpg (259 K)
dcdirect69.jpg (227 K)
dcdirect70.jpg (123 K)
13" Two-Face 13" Two-Face 13" Two-Face Detail 13" Batman 13" Batman Detail
dcdirect71.jpg (334 K)
dcdirect72.jpg (299 K)
dcdirect73.jpg (128 K)
dcdirect74.jpg (263 K)
dcdirect75.jpg (360 K)
13" Batman 13" Green Lantern Display 13" Green Lantern Detail DC Direct Display Knightfall Packaging
dcdirect76.jpg (256 K)
dcdirect77.jpg (223 K)
dcdirect78.jpg (288 K)
dcdirect79.jpg (267 K)
dcdirect80.jpg (250 K)
Superman Returns Statue Superman Covers Statues 13" Superman Returns Figure Alex Ross Superman Statue 1:4 Scale Superman
dcdirect81.jpg (261 K)
dcdirect82.jpg (219 K)
dcdirect83.jpg (169 K)
dcdirect84.jpg (152 K)
dcdirect85.jpg (230 K)
Superman Returns Statue Superman Returns Display Statues Display Women of DC Busts Harley Quinn Bust
dcdirect86.jpg (275 K)
dcdirect87.jpg (215 K)
dcdirect88.jpg (178 K)
dcdirect89.jpg (139 K)
dcdirect90.jpg (153 K)
Shazam! Statue Lantern Battery Prop Kelley Jones Batman Statue Steve Rude Batman Statue Batman B&W Statues Display
dcdirect91.jpg (211 K)
dcdirect92.jpg (255 K)
dcdirect93.jpg (158 K)
Superman Returns Statue 1:4 Scale Superman Superman Returns Statue

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