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Diamond Select comtinues it's dominance of the comic shop merchandise wall. They've really stepped it up the past few years- did anyone really think that Diamond would be turning out such great Buffy and Star Trek figures just a few years ago? Marvel Select seems to have really hit it's stride, and the statues and busts are really killer items. The new multi-piece dioramas are incredibly cool, too.

The hits just keep on coming with the next few Marvel Select figures. Right now, it looks like the line will continue and not be affected by the Hasbro deal for the Marvel license. Cloak & Dagger were revealed to be the latest in the line, with Spider-Woman showing her New Avengers look and a variant of the Julia Carpenter Black Suit Spider-Woman. The red Spider-Woman is the standard version. They are looking at doing the black version as a possible Con exclusive. There will also be a "Best of" Marvel Select re-release wave with some older harder to find/sold out figures. The Marvel mini-mates continue with some news assortments (see our Art Asylum coverage) and the giant size MAX figures of Spider-Man and Galactus. These will be carryinhg a hefty price point of $200, so start saving now true believers!

The Diamond line of Marvel statues continues with the Dark Phoenix multi set and the Sinister Six multi set. The XMen vs Dark Phoenix set is a 6 piece set and will consist of Dark Phoenix, Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler, Cyclops, and Colossus. . The rubble can be removed from Colossus and can be replaced with Wolverine doing a "fast ball special". The Spiderman vs. the Sinister Six statue set will be a seven piece set (consisting of Spider-Man, Mysterio, Sandman, Vulture, Dr. Octopus, Electro, and Kraven), with one piece coming each month (much like the Fantastic Four statue last year). The Spiderman piece comes with both a classic version (shown) and a black costume standing version. The Rogue Statue has been redecoed in her "pie-throwing" outfit from X-Men #8. She comes with pie. Other statues include Hawkeye, Dr. Strange, and Iron Man, all in their classic 70s gear.

Diamond will be continuing their bust line with new girl on the block X-23, Age of Apocalyse Magneto and Mr. Sinister, a live of classic marvel heroes, and mini version for the popular 1:1 scale Alex Ross heads.

Picking up and surpassing MACs offerings, Diamond continues it's unique strategy of releasing multiple variants of the same character all at once. This year Xander gets the big focus, with Dawn, Angel and Spike all seeing many new figures. And of course, Buffy is in there too. In 2006 look for these Xanders: Season 7, Chosen, Inititive, Vampire, and Ice Cream Man. Different Angels include 50s version, Sense & Sensibility, and Destiny. Spike comes in School Hard, Doomed, and Battle Damaged Destiny figure. Buffy figures include Vampire, Buffybot, Cheerleader, Primeval, and Chosen. There will also be Dawn from Lessons and Once More With Feeling, and Cordelia from You're Welcome.

Diamond has lots of special packs this year, and even a fantastic Library Playset for the Scoobies to enjoy. There will be two box sets: a Summers Family Album with Buffy, Dawn and Joyce, and a Watchers Guide set with Spike, Wesley, and Rupert Giles! Also being released are a Glory/Dawn 2pack from "The Gift", a Buffy/Angel Prom 2pack, and an Angel Vampire puppet.

Chasing another successful sci-fi license, Diamond will be making a series of figures from the Stargate SG-1 TV show. The Stargate figures were sculpted by former McFarline lead sculptor Jean St. Jean. These are probably the strongest likeness sculpts DST have ever done. Look for the characters of Daniel Jackson, Col. Jack O'Neill, Jaffa Serpent Guard, with Black Ops and Desert Combat variants. There might also be a playset of the Stargate itself.

Next year is the 40th anniversary of Star Trek, and Diamond is looking to celebrate by giving fans a lot of requested items from the classic series and Next Generation. On display in their showroom was a Classic Enterpise deck Captain's Chair for guests to sit in; They might look into manufacturing the full sized Star Trek captains chair since the repro was such a hit at the show. Like Buffy, DST is releasing a huge amount of Trek character variations this year. On deck are Worf (Nemesis, Season 7, All Good Things, Mirror Universe, and Klingon Uniform), Will Riker (All Good Things, Season 7, and Thomas Riker), Deanna Troi (in Duty Uniform and Season 7), and Captain Jean-Luc Picard (All Good Things, Captain's Jacket, Season 7, First Contact, and as Locutus of Borg). There will also be a 2pack of Riker & Troi from Nemesis.

Concept art was shown for All Good Things Geordi and Data, and First Contact Data with half face exposed, along with Season 7 Geordi, Data, and Barclay. Classic TreK gets its due with Captain Christopher Pike in Captain's Chair, Captain James T. Kirk in Captain Chair, and Mirror, Mirror versions of Uhura, Chekov, Sulu, and Bones McCoy. The classic Type II phaser will get a much requested replica.
diamondDSC00502.jpg (296 K)
diamondDSC00503.jpg (215 K)
diamondDSC00504.jpg (220 K)
diamondDSC00505.jpg (188 K)
diamondDSC00506.jpg (172 K)
Pie-Throwing Rogue Statue Spider-Man vs Venom Statue AOA Magneto Bust AOA MR. Sinister Bust X-23 Bust
diamondDSC00509.jpg (325 K)
diamondDSC00510.jpg (208 K)
diamondDSC00511.jpg (270 K)
diamondDSC05136.jpg (210 K)
diamondDSC05133.jpg (189 K)
Cyclops & Colossus Statues Wolverine & Dark Phoenix Statues Sinister Six Statues Classic Iron Man Statue Dr. Strange Statue
diamondDSC00512.jpg (143 K)
diamondDSC05132.jpg (96 K)
diamondDSC05140.jpg (205 K)
diamondDSC05142.jpg (230 K)
diamondDSC05135.jpg (231 K)
Alex Ross Mini-Head Busts Marvel Universe Busts Marvel Select Moon Knight Marvel Select Spider-Woman Variant Hawkeye Statue
diamondDSC00514.jpg (152 K)
diamondDSC00515.jpg (242 K)
diamondDSC00517.jpg (211 K)
diamondDSC00516.jpg (245 K)
diamondDSC00519.jpg (211 K)
Marvel Select Display Marvel Select Cloak & Dagger Marvel Select Spider-Woman Marvel Select Spider-Woman Variant Mini-Mates Max Spider-Man & Galactus
diamondDSC00518.jpg (198 K)
diamondDSC00520.jpg (219 K)
diamondDSC00527.jpg (202 K)
diamondDSC00521.jpg (108 K)
diamondDSC00522.jpg (175 K)
Street Fighter Mini-Mates Buffy Library Playset Glory/Dawn 2-Pack & Summers Family Pack Angel & Spike Figures Xander & Cordelia Figures
diamondDSC00523.jpg (125 K)
diamondDSC00524.jpg (134 K)
diamondDSC00525.jpg (156 K)
diamondDSC00526.jpg (157 K)
diamondDSC00528.jpg (222 K)
Buffy Figures Xander Figures Dawn & Buffy Figures Buffy & Angel Figures Watchers Box Set
diamondDSC00529.jpg (119 K)
diamondDSC00530.jpg (175 K)
diamondDSC00531.jpg (203 K)
diamondDSC00533.jpg (164 K)
diamondDSC00532.jpg (206 K)
Transformers Snow Globes Transformers Snow Globes Optimus Prime Replica Head Stargate Figures Series 1 Stargate Figures Series 1
diamondDSC00534.jpg (229 K)
diamondDSC00535.jpg (200 K)
diamondDSC00536.jpg (260 K)
diamondDSC00537.jpg (327 K)
Stargate Daniel Jackson Figure Imported Hot Toys Alien Figures Imported Medicom Alien Kubricks Imported Japanese Corpse Bride Toys
diamondDSC00538.jpg (131 K)
diamondDSC00539.jpg (175 K)
diamondDSC00540.jpg (144 K)
diamondDSC05148.jpg (151 K)
diamondDSC00542.jpg (146 K)
Full Size Enterprise Captain's Chair Star Trek Next Generation Figures Star Trek Next Generation Figures Star Trek Next Generation Worf & Riker Star Trek Next Generation Worf & Riker
diamondDSC00543.jpg (245 K)
diamondDSC00544.jpg (147 K)
diamondDSC00545.jpg (191 K)
diamondDSC00546.jpg (155 K)
diamondDSC05144.jpg (148 K)
Star Trek Next Generation Concepts Star Trek Next Generation Concepts Star Trek Type II Phaser Captain Pike in Captain's Chair Captain Kirk in Captain's Chair
diamondDSC00548.jpg (290 K)
diamondDSC05149.jpg (181 K)
diamondDSC05146.jpg (120 K)
diamondDSC05147.jpg (128 K)
diamondDSC05150.jpg (156 K)
Star Trek Mirror Mirror Figures Star Trek Next Generation Figures Star Trek Next Generation Worf & Riker Star Trek Next Generation Figures Picard as Locutus of Borg

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