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Gentle Giant Coverage

Gentle Giant follows up it's lines of movie Busts, Statues, and Bust-Ups with all new products. Adding to their existing license of Harry Potter, Star Wars, and The Simpsons are such mind blowing favorites like Clash of the Titans and Corpse Bride. The Clash of the Titans figures will be lower cost rotocast plastic, and not the standard statues. The one item that simply blew our minds here at AFI are the stunning Star Wars Original Trilogy Animated Style statues. Now when are we getting figures that look like these?

ggiant28.jpg (229 K)
ggiant14.jpg (258 K)
ggiant03.jpg (262 K)
ggiant04.jpg (162 K)
ggiant15.jpg (336 K)
Harry Potter Display Hermione Bust Harry Potter Bust Mermaid Bust Voldemort Bust
ggiant08.jpg (138 K)
ggiant09.jpg (281 K)
ggiant27.jpg (201 K)
ggiant07.jpg (227 K)
ggiant13.jpg (308 K)
Dragon Bust Nearly Headless Nick Bust Clash of the Titans Display Calibos Rotocast Figure The Kraken Rotocast Figure
ggiant05.jpg (287 K)
ggiant10.jpg (204 K)
ggiant06.jpg (167 K)
ggiant16.jpg (339 K)
ggiant20.jpg (192 K)
Medusa Rotocast Figure Star Wars Animated Statues Animated Leia & R2D2 Statue Animated Darth Vader Statue Animated Boba Fett Statue
ggiant25.jpg (172 K)
ggiant37.jpg (173 K)
ggiant11.jpg (228 K)
ggiant02.jpg (272 K)
ggiant01.jpg (256 K)
Star Wars Statues Display Star Wars Busts Display Rancor & Malakilli Statue Royal Guard Statue General Grievous Bust
ggiant12.jpg (230 K)
ggiant24.jpg (132 K)
ggiant36.jpg (326 K)
ggiant21.jpg (156 K)
ggiant29.jpg (224 K)
Darth Maul Bust Han Solo vs Greedo Diorama Star Wars Bust-Ups Display Animated Star Wars Bust-Ups Zutton, Greedo, Emperor, Wampa Bust-Ups
ggiant33.jpg (247 K)
ggiant30.jpg (209 K)
ggiant31.jpg (216 K)
ggiant26.jpg (241 K)
ggiant34.jpg (207 K)
Corpse Bride Display Bojangles Statue Corpse Bride Bust-Ups Packaging Corpse Bride Bust-Ups Corpse Bride Statues
ggiant17.jpg (243 K)
ggiant35.jpg (173 K)
ggiant32.jpg (173 K)
ggiant22.jpg (179 K)
ggiant38.jpg (169 K)
Simpsons Bust-Ups Simpsons Bust-Ups Simpsons Bust-Ups Willy Wonka Figures The Red Star Display

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