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LEGO Coverage

Updated!: Lego just announced that they've extended their Star Wars license through 2011!

After a tough couple of years, LEGO seems to be rebounding strongly with new licenses like Batman, creative refreshes for perrenials like Star Wars, and a new massive success in their reboot of the Mindstorm line. From the Retail Bulletin: "[LEGO will be] introducing the new Exo-Force range and the much-anticipated BIONICLE re-launch, LEGO also plans to develop its bulk offering with a consolidated ‘back to basics’ strategy designed to communicate the unrivalled value and heritage of the LEGO brand to consumers. Fiona Wright, Marketing Director at LEGO commented, "2006 represents a major year for LEGO with our return to Toy Fair with dynamic and innovative marketing and promotional strategies in place to support new range introductions and brand extensions."

Here are some pictures, look for a more thorough write-up in a day or so.
lego01.jpg (235 K)
lego02.jpg (194 K)
lego03.jpg (143 K)
lego04.jpg (219 K)
lego05.jpg (166 K)
Lego Batman BatCave Playset Robin Vehicle Penguin Vehicle BatCave Interior
lego06.jpg (145 K)
lego07.jpg (217 K)
lego08.jpg (172 K)
lego09.jpg (140 K)
lego10.jpg (262 K)
Mr. Freeze Invasion Catwoman Cycle Batman Dragster Catwoman Chase Set Batsignal Tower
lego11.jpg (154 K)
lego12.jpg (179 K)
lego13.jpg (164 K)
lego14.jpg (175 K)
lego15.jpg (144 K)
Batman Vehicle Lego Batman Poster Batmobile Set Batmobile Armored Car
lego16.jpg (185 K)
lego17.jpg (163 K)
lego18.jpg (141 K)
lego19.jpg (128 K)
lego20.jpg (188 K)
"I'm Batman" Batwing Set Ultimate Batmobile Ultimate Batmobile BatHydrofoil
lego21.jpg (190 K)
lego22.jpg (219 K)
lego23.jpg (163 K)
lego24.jpg (140 K)
lego25.jpg (153 K)
Killer Croc Vehicle BatHydrofoil Batmobile BatCave Computer Lego Joker
lego26.jpg (202 K)
lego27.jpg (113 K)
lego28.jpg (82 K)
lego29.jpg (179 K)
Joker Henchman in Copter Henchman Heads Cute L'il Batman Jabba's Barge Set

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