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DC Superheroes- Justice League Unlimited
Coming off a strong year for the JLU brand, 2006 will be even more oriented toward the collectors. Keep in mind that these were planned out in early 2005, so even if some of your favorites are now shown, they probably are already in the pipeline. As usual Mattel will have a big showing at SDCC 2006 in July, so in the words of Al Jolson, "You ain't seen nothin yet!" As a taste of what's in store, Doomsday has been sculpted and they are hard at work looking at how to do Grundy.

Some of the nicer surprises shown are the all new sculpts for Etrigan, Vigilante, and Shining Knight, along with much requested accessories like Orion's rocket sled. Even though the cartoon's days may be numbered, with any luck the line will keep chugging along as long as sales stay up. We know that Mattel is hard at work on the 2007 line right now, so here's hoping we'll be able to buy it! One last note: a giant round of applause and thanks to the hard working guys at Mattel who shepherded this line to what it is today, and who have moved on to other endeavors- Thanks, Inside Traitor, Itchy Greek, and big thanks to Texas Ranger! It's all in Boy Wonder's hands now! The run down:

Single packs:
Elongated Man w/ arm gun, Metamorpho w/crazy hands, Copperhead w/snake, Orion w/ rocket sled, Flash w/wings, Superman w/super breath(!), Vigilante w/guns and Rocket Red with gun.
Three packs:
Green Lanterns 2- Katma Tui/Kyle Rayner/Arkkis Chimmuck
Justice Lords 2- Reverse Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter
Superman, Wonder Woman, Etrigan
Green Lantern/The Ray/Tracksuit Shayera
Batman/Zatanna/Shining Knight

DSC00318.jpg (209 K)
DSC00319.jpg (283 K)
DSC00335.jpg (301 K)
DSC00316.jpg (204 K)
DSC00317.jpg (153 K)
The Ray, Green Lantern, Shayera Single Packed Figures 3-Packs Single Packed Figures Superman, Etrigan, Wonder Woman
DSC04889.jpg (175 K)
DSC00312.jpg (178 K)
DSC00315.jpg (187 K)
DSC00314.jpg (123 K)
DSC00329.jpg (259 K)
3-Packs Justice Lords 3-Pack Single Packs w/accessories Huntress More Single Packs
DSC04892.jpg (128 K)
DSC04865.jpg (86 K)
DSC04866.jpg (119 K)
DSC04867.jpg (75 K)
DSC04868.jpg (119 K)
Green Lantern & Friends Justice Lord Martian Manhunter Justice Lord Green Lantern Justice Lord Reverse Flash Zatanna
DSC04869.jpg (104 K)
DSC04870.jpg (100 K)
DSC04871.jpg (120 K)
DSC04874.jpg (109 K)
DSC04875.jpg (85 K)
Sir Justin, the Shining Knight Huntress Justice Lords close-up Super Breath Superman! Elongated Man
DSC04876.jpg (112 K)
DSC04878.jpg (129 K)
DSC04879.jpg (129 K)
DSC04880.jpg (84 K)
DSC04881.jpg (107 K)
Batman Vigilante The Flash Copperhead Orion w/Rocket Sled
DSC04882.jpg (106 K)
DSC04883.jpg (114 K)
DSC04884.jpg (106 K)
DSC04885.jpg (80 K)
DSC04886.jpg (108 K)
Rocket Red Green Lantern Pack: Kyle Rayner Green Lantern Pack: Arkiss Chummuck Green Lantern Pack: Katma Tui The Ray
DSC04887.jpg (98 K)
DSC04893.jpg (164 K)
DSC04890.jpg (139 K)
DSC04891.jpg (131 K)
Shayera in Tracksuit Etrigan, The Demon Single Packs Green Lantern 3-Pack


DC Superheroes 6" Line!
Although we've gotten a taste with the repurposed Batman wave, the new 6" hasn't hit in earnest yet. This year Mattel is trying to please fans while cautiously test the waters to see how sales will be for this line. The best move so far has been to drop the design and sculpt duties into the lap of the Four Horsemen, who are more than up to the assignment. And even better for us here at AFI, the versions of the characters that the Horsemen prefer is the iconic ones from the 1980s. Sheer bliss, if you ask us. Just look at that Darkseid! And the Luthor! Can you ask for anything more? Brainiac, Batgirl I, and Two-Face are already sculpted but didn't make the show due to inclement weather (it was snowing hard, kids!).

Anyway, Mattel is trying mightly to get access to the whole DC Universe from DC Comics, and not just the Superman/Batman "families" that they're limited to right now. If that happens, be prepared for an explosion in the line come 2007. For now Mattel will be content with churning out terrific versions of the character they can use. Oh, and you heard it here first: Bizarro will most likely have some kind of chase element to him (Like Bane and Osito). Starting in wave III on there will most likely be two figures per wave that will have a chase element. And then to top off the coolness, Target will have an exclusive set of 2-packs in August. They are: Superman/Bizarro, Batman/Batgirl, and Superman/Clark Kent! Here's the rundown for these figures:

Wave One (Out now): Batman, Killer Croc, Scarecrow, Bane (Bane w/Osito chase figure)
Wave Two (February): Superman, Doomsday, Supergirl, Bizarro (chase Bizarro)
Wave Three (April): Battle Damaged Batman, Mr. Freeze, Azreal, Robin
Wave Four (July): Batman, Batgirl (Barbra Gordon), Two-Face, The Joker (Possible Cassandra Cain Batgirl chase)
Wave Five (September): Battle Damaged Superman, Darkseid, Robot Brainiac, Battlesuit Lex Luthor (Possible Mother Box Superman chase)

DSC00333.jpg (201 K)
DSC04898.jpg (180 K)
DSC04899.jpg (178 K)
DSC00331.jpg (210 K)
DSC00332.jpg (163 K)
6" Figure Display Group Shot Group Shot Overhead View! Now in Front
DSC00310.jpg (98 K)
DSC04901.jpg (63 K)
DSC04900.jpg (93 K)
DSC00311.jpg (130 K)
DSC04903.jpg (148 K)
Darkseid Darkseid close-up Darkseid's "Mother Box" Lex Luthor in Battlesuit Luthor close-up
DSC04896.jpg (134 K)
DSC04897.jpg (129 K)
DSC04895.jpg (142 K)
DSC04894.jpg (143 K)
DSC04906.jpg (147 K)
Supergirl Superman Doomsday Bizarro Batgirl II
DSC04902.jpg (118 K)
DSC00308.jpg (98 K)
DSC04904.jpg (110 K)
DSC00307.jpg (131 K)
DSC00309.jpg (142 K)
Batgirl close-up Batgirl again Supergirl close-up Supergirl Batman
DSC04905.jpg (124 K)
DSC04907.jpg (145 K)
DSC04908.jpg (102 K)
DSC04909.jpg (96 K)
DSC04910.jpg (104 K)
Batman close-up This sculpt is too cool! Darkseid Luthor Supergirl

The Batman
The Batman returned for season two this year with new theme music, a new Batmobile, and new characters! Featured so far are Commissioner Gordon (debuting in the current season finale), Batgirl, Poison Ivy, and a few other surprises. A direct to DVD movie, "Batman vs Dracula" was released, and seems to be doing strong in the ratings. One sore spot though is the "bat embargo" that WB imposes that won't allow companies like Mattel to use the Batman family characters in other lines as long as they are being used in this cartoon. The really sad part is that these new versions don't hold a candle to the "classic" animated versions that we can't see in plastic! There wasn't too much new shown this year at Toy Fair that hadn't already been seen at SDCC 2005. A civilian Barbara Gordon, a portable batcave, and a Joker in his purple coat were about the only new things shown for this line. Look for more at SDCC 2006!

DSC00324.jpg (168 K)
DSC00326.jpg (183 K)
DSC00327.jpg (181 K)
DSC04919.jpg (146 K)
DSC04920.jpg (126 K)
The Batman Display The Batman Display The Batman Display The Batman Display Joker w/New Coat
DSC04921.jpg (132 K)
DSC04922.jpg (90 K)
DSC04948.jpg (112 K)
DSC04949.jpg (103 K)
DSC04950.jpg (169 K)
Civilian Batgirl Killer Croc Portable Batcave Batman Variant Batman Variants
DSC04951.jpg (149 K)
Batman Variants


Superman Returns
Almost a bigger event than last summer's Batman Begins, the return of the Man of Steel to the big screen is no small thing. With director Brian Singer's (X-Men, X2) sure hand at the helm the anticipation for this to be one of the years biggest films is a given. Likewise, fans are happy to see Superman taking a prominent place back on toy shelves. Mattel is going for a companion line to Batman Begins, again made in a 5" scale and featuring faithful likenesses of actors Brandon Routh and Kevin Spacey. 7" Deluxe figures will follow. No word yet if Lois will make it to figure form, but Mattel has come up with some clever ways to make multiple Superman figures. Rounding out the product is an assortment of role playing toys; just make sure little Jimmy doesn't try to jump off the roof wearing the inflatable chest and cape! By the way, I'm guessing at some of the figure names below; they'll be fixed as we get the correct names sent in.

DSC00321.jpg (169 K)
DSC00323.jpg (171 K)
DSC04923.jpg (129 K)
DSC00322.jpg (101 K)
DSC04925.jpg (90 K)
Superman Returns Display Superman Returns Display Superman Returns Display Ultimate 12" Superman Flying Superman w/chest winch
DSC04942.jpg (63 K)
DSC04927.jpg (93 K)
DSC04928.jpg (114 K)
DSC04929.jpg (131 K)
DSC04930.jpg (118 K)
Paper Luthor Target Quick Change Clark Kent Bullet Holes Superman Atmosphere Re-entry Superman Atmosphere Re-entry Superman
DSC04931.jpg (102 K)
DSC04932.jpg (91 K)
DSC04933.jpg (105 K)
DSC04934.jpg (94 K)
DSC04935.jpg (83 K)
Basic Superman Able To Leap Tall Buildings Superman I Believe I Can Fly Superman Bi-Lingual Superman Building Facade Superman
DSC04936.jpg (92 K)
DSC04926.jpg (115 K)
DSC04938.jpg (92 K)
DSC04939.jpg (78 K)
DSC04940.jpg (93 K)
Lex Luthor Luthor Henchman Anti-Kryptonite Superman Super Breath Superman Orbiting Superman
DSC04941.jpg (71 K)
DSC04937.jpg (113 K)
DSC04943.jpg (77 K)
DSC04944.jpg (128 K)
DSC04945.jpg (110 K)
Safe Cracker Superman Green Sheet Metal Superman Up, Up And Away Superman Super-Poseable Superman This is too cool for me to have a jokey name!
DSC04946.jpg (168 K)
DSC04947.jpg (116 K)
Superman vs Metallo Rock 'em Sock 'ems! Giant Superman Figure

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