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Mezco Coverage

Mezco was back this year doing what they do best- mixing it up with the big boys and laughing! The big news out of this year's offering is the astoundingly good 18" King Kong figure. No offense to Playmates, but when I think of Kong, this is the figure I think of. Two different heads were shown, although there is talk of at least 4 head variants being released. All will be seperate figures, not 4 heads packed together.

South Park finally lasts a few series with Mezco going where the fans have been yelling for: yeah, I'm talking a set of boy band "Fingerbang" figures. With a big expansion, 2006 looks to be a big year for the boys from Colorado. Series 2 will include: Token with base, amp, and other accessories, Mr. Garrison with Mr. Hat, Mr. Twig, Pig, and an apple, Stan with Sparky and fish, Kyle with Mr. Hankey and other accessories, Mr. Hankey with shower brush, shower cap, and sailor hat, Tooth Fairy Cartman with money. Series 3 will include Jesus with water/wine, and alternate form, Timmy with wheelchair & Gobbles, Butters with removable Professor Chaos accessories, Mr. Mackey with angel/devil, Officer Cartman with nightstick, Frozen Kenny with diorama. Series 4 is planned to include Daredevil Chef, Terrence & Phillip, Jimmy Vulmer, Starvin’ Marvin, Cartman as AWESOM-O robot. There will also be large deluxe figures of Cartman and Mr. Hankey.

Who would have thought that after such a long dry period of no tv animation figures that we'd see someone following the Simpson's lead and pumping out all the great characters that they can? Family Guy's universe gets big larger with this year's offerings. There will be a 6" line of talking Stewie figures, a 9" Quagmire, a boxed set of PVCs and all-new figure assortments. Series 5 will include Peter as "Gary the No Trash Cougar" w/gun, trash and removable cougar mask, Brian as McGriffin w/baton, briefcase, gun and sunglasses, God w/golden Peter idol, phone and beer mug, Trisha Takanawa w/gun, microphone and bird, Jim Kaplan w/money bag and briefcase and Greased-up Guy in cage. There are planned variants of Trisha with new paint deco and Jim Kaplan Paradise Island salesman and a variant sculpt as the tattoo guy with new accessories. Look for Series 5 to hit toy shelves this spring. Series 6 will include Banana Brian (Peanut Butter Jelly Time!), Party Stewie w/relief sculpted dancing girls, Seamus w/life saver ring, Clevemire (Cleveland and Quagmire combo), Bertrum w/space ship, new sculpt Stewie.

The comic based lines continues with series two: Rocket Hellboy, Roger the Homunculus, Johann Strauss (with 2 sets of hands), and a creepy Alien. Series three only had artwork shown, but full sculpts are expected to be unveiled at SDCC 2006. The line-up includes Abe Sapien, Rasputin, Frog Creature, and "Anung Un Rama" Hellboy. An 18" Rocket Hellboy is being considered for production, but no final word is known yet if it will actually be made.

Mezco will contnue their Pirates and Defenders of the Dragoon Mez-Its lines. Rap fans get a chance to own a few big names in the biz: Biggie Smalls, and Chuck D./ Flavor Flav of Public Enemy. Scarface will see a few more toys, as will Crockett & Tubbs of Miami Vice.

mezco69.jpg (99 K)
mezco72.jpg (86 K)
mezco73.jpg (64 K)
mezco74.jpg (83 K)
mezco71.jpg (66 K)
Family Guy Display 6" Talking Stewie Line 9" Quagmire & Mini-PVC Box Set Family Guy Packaging Family Guy Series 6
mezco06.jpg (125 K)
mezco05.jpg (117 K)
mezco03.jpg (135 K)
mezco04.jpg (110 K)
mezco70.jpg (75 K)
Seamus, Party Stewie, Banana Brian

New Stewie, Bertrum, Clevemyer

McGriffin, Jim Kaplan, Greased-Up Guy God, Trisha Takanawa, Peter as Gary Family Guy Series 5
mezco13.jpg (109 K)
mezco07.jpg (59 K)
mezco08.jpg (70 K)
mezco09.jpg (99 K)
mezco25.jpg (128 K)
South Park Display South Park Series 2 South Park Series 3 "Fingerbang" Figure Set Mr. Mackey
mezco23.jpg (107 K)
mezco17.jpg (117 K)
mezco16.jpg (107 K)
mezco14.jpg (52 K)
mezco15.jpg (84 K)
Timmy & Gobbles Stan & Sparky Mr. Garrison South Park Series 2 Token
mezco27.jpg (124 K)
mezco26.jpg (104 K)
mezco18.jpg (109 K)
mezco19.jpg (147 K)
mezco20.jpg (118 K)
Frozen Kenny Officer Cartman Kyle & Ike Mr. Hankey Tooth Fairy Cartman
mezco22.jpg (64 K)
mezco21.jpg (111 K)
mezco24.jpg (119 K)
mezco28.jpg (67 K)
mezco30.jpg (96 K)
South Park Series 3 Jesus Butters as Professor Chaos Series 4- Daredevil Chef, Terrence & Phillip, Jimmy Vulmer, Starvin' Marvin, Awesom-O Deluxe Cartman & Mr. Hankey
mezco38.jpg (147 K)
mezco39.jpg (175 K)
mezco40.jpg (111 K)
mezco41.jpg (98 K)
mezco45.jpg (94 K)
Voo-Dooz Packaging Voo-Dooz Packaging Voo-Dooz Voo-Dooz Christmas Carol Dolls
mezco31.jpg (204 K)
mezco32.jpg (160 K)
mezco33.jpg (137 K)
mezco34.jpg (158 K)
mezco35.jpg (175 K)
Pirates Mez-Its Pirates Mez-Its Pirates Mez-Its Ship Pirates Mez-Its Pirates Mez-Its
mezco36.jpg (149 K)
mezco37.jpg (151 K)
mezco12.jpg (225 K)
mezco55.jpg (137 K)
mezco56.jpg (94 K)
Defenders of the Dragoon Mez-Its Defenders of the Dragoon Mez-Its Biggie Smalls Biggie, Biggie, Biggie, can't you see? Public Enemy- Chuck D & Flavor Flav
mezco42.jpg (130 K)
mezco43.jpg (157 K)
mezco44.jpg (133 K)
mezco10.jpg (128 K)
mezco11.jpg (125 K)
Afterlife Display Gooey Gory Afterlife! Bloody Sticky Afterlife! Gross Grotesque Afterlife! Hellboy Comic Series 2
mezco50.jpg (200 K)
mezco47.jpg (176 K)
mezco48.jpg (194 K)
mezco49.jpg (164 K)
mezco51.jpg (193 K)
Roger the Homunculus Johann Kraus Rocket Hellboy Alien Frog Creature
mezco54.jpg (188 K)
mezco52.jpg (203 K)
mezco53.jpg (231 K)
mezco59.jpg (140 K)
mezco60.jpg (158 K)
Rasputin Anung Un Rama Abe Sapien 18" King Kong King Kong
mezco61.jpg (154 K)
mezco62.jpg (213 K)
mezco63.jpg (247 K)
mezco64.jpg (116 K)
mezco65.jpg (117 K)
King Kong Kong Head 1 Kong Head 2 King Kong Miami Vice Figures
mezco02.jpg (91 K)
mezco66.jpg (162 K)
mezco67.jpg (153 K)
mezco68.jpg (118 K)
Miami Vice Figures Sonny Crockett Rico Tubbs Scarface Toys

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