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NECA has expanded on their SDCC showing and presented the next two waves of Cult Classics, plus a few surprises. No photos were allowed in their showroom outside of the Resident Evil figures, so they gave a press kit to everyone. We included those show below. For ongoing news updates, be sure to visit the NECA myspace page.

The big news here is that NECA will be releasing a Hannibal Lector figure from Silence of the Lambs. He'll be in his prison jumpsuit on the dolly w/straightjacket & mask. Cult Classics for 2006 will feature in Series 4 Shaun from "Shaun of the Dead", Plaid Zombie from "Dawn of the Dead", Sebastian "The King" Haff from "Bubba Ho-Tep", Chucky from "Child's Play". There will also be a Seed of Chucky Boxed Set with Damaged Chucky, Glen, & Tiffany. After that there will be a Medieval Highlander Boxed Set Featuring Connor McLeod vs Kurgan. Cult Classics Series 5 will include Hannibal Lecter (in straight jacket) "The Silence of the Lambs", Medieval Ash "The Army of Darkness", Jigsaw Killer and Puppet "Saw", and one more figure to be announced. The Devil's Rejects line will have the "Bloody Showdown" Action Figure 3 Pack which includes new versions of Baby, Spaulding, and Otis.

This popular line of action figure like statues will continue with wave three, which will have figures of Tung Lashor, Sorceress, and Mantenna. Right now, Wave Four is set to include Snakeface, Webstor, & Leech.

Resident Evil 4 gets a line of appropriately creepy figures, shown below. Upcoming music figures include two Iron Maiden "Eddie" figures, Freddie Mercury, and Jimmie Page. An AC/DC boxed set including Angus Young and Brian Johnson is also planned. 12" figures continue with Frank the Bunny from Donnie Darko, and "The Greatest" Muhammed Ali! NECA will be giving Pirates of the Carribean 2- Dead Man's Chest a big push this summer with a new line of figures featuring Davy Jones' fishy crew.
necaDSC05170.jpg (195 K)
necaDSC05164.jpg (228 K)
necaDSC05165.jpg (170 K)
necaDSC05166.jpg (193 K)
necaDSC05167.jpg (214 K)
Resident Evil 4 Display Illuminados Monk Illuminados Monk Krauser Iron Maiden Regenerator
necaDSC05168.jpg (222 K) necaDSC05169.jpg (190 K) necaDSC05163.jpg (178 K)
Illuminados Monk Garador Illuminados Monk
neca10.jpg (59 K)
neca16.jpg (73 K)
neca32.jpg (97 K)
neca31.jpg (72 K)
neca24.jpg (93 K)
12" Muhammed Ali 12" Frank the Bunny MOTU Staction: Tung Lashor MOTU Staction: Sorceress MOTU Staction: Mantenna
neca15.jpg (92 K)
neca11.jpg (86 K)
neca21.jpg (73 K)
neca14.jpg (101 K)
neca30.jpg (88 K)
Cult Classics 3: Fly Boy Cult Classics 3: Bubba-Ho-Tep Cult Classics 3: John McClane Cult Classics 3: Terminator T-800 Endoskeleton Cult Classics 3: Shaun of the Dead
neca29.jpg (92 K)
neca27.jpg (73 K)
neca19.jpg (74 K)
neca33.jpg (65 K)
neca12.jpg (93 K)
Cult Classics 3: Sebastian "The King" Haff Cult Classics 3: Plaid Zombie POTC: Dead Man's Chest- Jack Sparrow POTC: Dead Man's Chest- Will Turner POTC: Dead Man's Chest- Davy Jones
neca23.jpg (94 K)
neca25.jpg (133 K)
neca17.jpg (70 K)
neca20.jpg (139 K)
neca22.jpg (200 K)
POTC: Dead Man's Chest- Maccus POTC: Dead Man's Chest- Pacifico Queen- Freddie Mercury Led Zepplin- Jimmie Page Iron Maiden- Live After Death
neca26.jpg (152 K)
neca18.jpg (111 K)
neca28.jpg (57 K)
neca13.jpg (165 K)
Iron Maiden-- Phantom of the Opera Gremlins Plush Scarface Devil's Rejects Box Set

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