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Sideshow continues to lead the way as one of, if not the, top collectible companies in the market today. The attention to detail, the level of perfection that goes into each and every piece is nothing short of astounding when compared with similar items from other companies. If it sounds like we're gushing in our coverage, it's because we're that impressed by Sideshow year in and year out. This is a philosophy that goes from the top down at Sideshow, and it shows. Other companies get lucky when they have a dedicated one or two people trying to buck the tide of mediocrity, but everyone at Sideshow works to ensure the integrity of the product. Which is why they and the big licenses and keep them. Case in point:

After teasing fans with the gorgeous 1:4 scales figures, Sideshow finally landed the license for 12" Star Wars figures in an agreement with Hasbro. Not wasting a minute after only hinting at the line during SDCC 2005, they've been pumping out the characters at an alarming rate. Already shown are Luke Skywalker (Jedi), Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Kit Fisto, Mace Windu, and Han Solo. The thing about these figures is trying to get them, as they are relatively limited compared to a normal mass market production run. I can see this line going for quite awhile. Next up is the 1:1 Scale busts- these are about as close as you're going to get to actual movie props of the characters! I made a life-size Darth Maul before, so believe me when I say that this Maul bust is not only 100% on the money, but looks unreal in person. I envy the craftsmanship involved in mass producing such a fantastic piece. And finally, Sideshow will be importing the Medicom "Semi-Deformed" Darth Vader and Stormtrooper Japanese figures.

The Terminator franchise gets a new life with a wide assortment of product this year. Starting with a stunning life-size T-800 Exoskeleton. You have to have deep pockets to get this bad boy, but if you're a fan you're not going to find a better expression of your fanaticism! As always, it is accurate in every detail, having been designed and sculpted by the Stan Winston studios that created the actual movie prop. The new 12" figures include the human guises of the T-800 and the T-1000, both sporting excellent likenesses of Arnold Schwartzenegger and Robert Patrick, respectively. There was also a 1:4 Scale T-800 Endoskeleton and some of Head Bobber line shown.

Extending the Marvel license, 2006 brings with it more of the gorgeous statues and dioramas that Sideshow is becoming known for. Joining the Sentinel Diorama is a new Spider-Man vs Hulk scene, while Wolverine, Spider-Man, and Modern Iron Man get their own detailed statues. Check out the stitching on Wolverine's costume! More 1:1 Scale busts follow, with the Thing followed by Venom. And the lounging Dr. Doom statue was shown again- you really have to see this thing in person to appreciate the fine detail work involved. To complement the Thor Helm & Hammer set shown at SDCC, a Captain America Mask & Shield set was shown. While Sideshow hasn't started making their own 12" Marvel Heroes (yet!) they will be importing the nice Medicom ones from Japan. And although it's not a Marvel property, this is as good a place as any to mention that they will also be importing the 12" Medicom Sex Pistols figures.

Although it's not the glory days like when Sideshow was pumping out a ton of Universal Monsters toys, they still have a number of high profile, much-requested horror properties on display this year. Mainly in the realm of replicas and props. The year kicks off with a replica SAW puppet from the hit films, and then followed up by 1:1 Scale busts of The Mummy's Ardeth Bey and a jaw-dropping life-size Alien bust. There will be a trio of dead-on design maquettes from Tremors, Reign of Fire, and Jaws. That Bruce the Shark maquette kicks ass above all else, in my book. The original 1933 King Kong puppet armature has long been owned by collecting and film legend Bob Burns, and he's now let Sideshow make an exact replica of it. This is really an amazing piece, and pretty much one that you can't really believe someone made. Aliens gets some love in a line of 12" figures that include the Colonial Marines Apone, Hicks, and Vasquez. Sideshow will be distributing the Hot Toys 14" Scar Predator poseable model kit from AVP. Let's hope the Aliens are on their way, too. And Sideshow hasn't forgotten about everyone's favorite vampire slayer: Buffy gets a 1:4 Scale figure this year.

Speaking of 1:4 Scale, Sideshow follows their 12" John Wayne figure with a huge 1:4 version of Wayne as Marshal Rooster Cogburn. Cast in polystone and dressed in a real cloth outfit, this guy belongs in every cowboy's home. I would be surprised to see one of these next time I'm at the President's ranch outside of Waco, TX! Not to be outshined by The Duke, Rambo gets his own 12" line that will start off with Rambo II figures of John Rambo in HALO gear and in commando non-gear, and a nice figure of Col. Trautman. Maybe next year will bring us UltraPumped Rambo III Rambo and First Blood War Vet Rambo with Sheriff Brian Dennehy! Ah well, I can always hope...

Lord of the Rings continues with a 1:4 Scale Frodo and 12" figures of Aragorn and Legolas. And finally, Arnold Schwartzenegger gets the deluxe treatment with a very limited bronze bust designed by reknowned artist Sebastian Krüger. I think that's about it, but cruise on over to Sideshow's own website for the full scoop on all these items.

sideshowDSC00615.jpg (294 K)
sideshowDSC00616.jpg (300 K)
sideshowDSC00617.jpg (347 K)
sideshowDSC00618.jpg (321 K)
sideshowDSC00619.jpg (428 K)
Terminator Display Terminator Display Terminator Display T-800 12" Figure T-1000 12" Figure
sideshowDSC00620.jpg (500 K)
sideshowDSC00621.jpg (416 K)
sideshowDSC00622.jpg (364 K)
sideshowDSC00623.jpg (280 K)
sideshowDSC00624.jpg (356 K)
T-1000 12" Figure T-800 12" Figure 12" Han Solo 12" Kit Fisto 12" Anakin Skywalker
sideshowDSC00625.jpg (338 K)
sideshowDSC00626.jpg (250 K)
sideshowDSC00627.jpg (580 K)
sideshowDSC00628.jpg (239 K)
sideshowDSC00629.jpg (337 K)
12" Mace Windu 12" Obi-Wan Kenobi 12" Jedi Luke Skywalker Semi-Deformed Stormtrooper Semi-Deformed Darth Vader
sideshowDSC00630.jpg (306 K)
sideshowDSC00631.jpg (350 K)
sideshowDSC00632.jpg (426 K)
sideshowDSC00633.jpg (481 K)
sideshowDSC00634.jpg (463 K)
Greedo 1:1 Bust 1:4 Scale Rooster Cogburn! 12" John Rambo 12" HALO Rambo 12" Col. Trautman
sideshowDSC00635.jpg (393 K)
sideshowDSC00636.jpg (429 K)
sideshowDSC00637.jpg (369 K)
sideshowDSC00638.jpg (454 K)
sideshowDSC00639.jpg (343 K)
12" Aliens Sgt. Apone 12" Aliens Cpl. Hicks 12" Aliens Pvt. Vasquez 12" Scar Predator 12" Medicom Wolverine Import
sideshowDSC00640.jpg (371 K)
sideshowDSC00641.jpg (322 K)
sideshowDSC00642.jpg (315 K)
sideshowDSC00643.jpg (282 K)
sideshowDSC00644.jpg (264 K)
12" Medicom Spider-Man Import 12" Medicom Cyclops Import 12" Medicom Carnage Import 12" Medicom Venom Import 12" Sex Pistols- Johnny Rotten & Sid Vicious
sideshowDSC00645.jpg (360 K)
sideshowDSC00646.jpg (237 K)
sideshowDSC00647.jpg (237 K)
sideshowDSC00648.jpg (381 K)
sideshowDSC00649.jpg (206 K)
Saw Movie puppet Hulk vs Spider-Man Diorama Hulk vs Spider-Man Diorama
sideshowDSC00650.jpg (230 K)
sideshowDSC00651.jpg (298 K)
sideshowDSC00652.jpg (277 K)
sideshowDSC00653.jpg (291 K)
sideshowDSC00654.jpg (298 K)
Hulk vs Spider-Man Diorama Wolverine Statue Captain America Mask & Shield 1:1 Venom Bust Adi Granov Iron Man Statue
sideshowDSC00655.jpg (311 K)
sideshowDSC00667.jpg (256 K)
sideshowDSC00668.jpg (178 K)
sideshowDSC00657.jpg (341 K)
sideshowDSC00659.jpg (342 K)
1:1 Thing Bust Spider-Man Statue Spider-Man Statue Dr. Doom Statue Sebastian Krüger Arnold Bust
sideshowDSC00660.jpg (362 K)
sideshowDSC00661.jpg (380 K)
sideshowDSC00662.jpg (404 K)
sideshowDSC00663.jpg (464 K)
sideshowDSC00664.jpg (155 K)
Bob Burns' King Kong Armature Replica 12" Aragorn Figure 1:4 Scale Frodo Figure 12" Legolas Jaws "Bruce" Maquette
sideshowDSC00665.jpg (276 K)
sideshowDSC00666.jpg (429 K)
sideshowDSC00656.jpg (288 K)
sideshowDSC00658.jpg (206 K)
sideshowDSC00669.jpg (280 K)
Tremors "Graboid" Maquette Reign of Fire Dragon Maquette Buffy 1:4 Scale Figure Ardeth Bey (The Mummy) Bust 1:1 Scale Aliens Alien Warrior Bust

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