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Updated! Lots more pics to come!

I'm putting all the new pics in kind of a jumble up front so folks will know they are new. I'll arrange them into the categories later. Some new news: There will be an all new female body for Marvel Legends that Spider-Woman, Wasp and Psylocke will get. The ones in the showroom were just mock-ups. They will get an all-new redesigned body. Also, you will need to buy all 9 figure of the Wal-Mart wave, plus a variant to be able to build Giant Man. However, all cases will be evenly packed so there are no chase figures (in other words, bearded Sentry and shaven Sentry will be the same amount in the case, etc.). Variants will have the same body part, so you only have to get one. Now on to the pics! More coming later!

DSC00339.jpg (195 K)
DSC00340.jpg (240 K)
DSC00341.jpg (218 K)
DSC00342.jpg (254 K)
DSC00343.jpg (190 K)
Spidey & Friends Display Colossus, Beast, Peter Parker, Space Thing Spider-Man, Mr. Fantastic, Spidey, Wolverine Green Goblin Spidey & Friends Playset
DSC00344.jpg (254 K)
DSC00345.jpg (290 K)
DSC00346.jpg (213 K)
DSC00347.jpg (175 K)
DSC00348.jpg (203 K)
Figure Factory 2006 Figure Factory Line MegaMorphs Thing MegaMorphs Iron Man MegaMorphs Venom
DSC00349.jpg (334 K)
DSC00350.jpg (273 K)
DSC00351.jpg (357 K)
DSC00352.jpg (293 K)
DSC00353.jpg (283 K)
FF Animated Display Rack FF Animated FF Animated Build-a-Figure Mole Creature Wal-Mart Exclusive Marvel Legends Classic Thor, Warbird, Ant-Man
DSC00354.jpg (281 K)
DSC00355.jpg (160 K)
DSC00356.jpg (260 K)
DSC05107.jpg (241 K)
DSC00359.jpg (303 K)
AOA Wolverine, Build-a-Figure Giant Man AOA Sabretooth, Captain Britain, Sentry Havok, Captain Britain Face-Off 2-Packs Display Captain America vs Red Skull
DSC00360.jpg (262 K)
DSC00361.jpg (253 K)
DSC00362.jpg (300 K)
DSC00363.jpg (279 K)
DSC00364.jpg (215 K)
Captain America vs Baron Von Strucker (Variants) Kingpin vs Daredevil Kingpin vs Daredevil (Variants) Hulk vs The Leader Hulk vs The Leader (Variants)
DSC00367.jpg (273 K)
DSC00370.jpg (258 K)
DSC00371.jpg (266 K)
DSC00372.jpg (211 K)
DSC00368.jpg (257 K)
ICONS Display ICONS Hulk ICONS Captain America ICONS Spider-Man ICONS Iron Man
DSC00374.jpg (265 K)
DSC00376.jpg (236 K)
DSC00373.jpg (225 K)
DSC00378.jpg (233 K)
DSC00379.jpg (251 K)
Young Avengers Box Set "House of M" Box Set "it", Inhuman Torch, Iron Man, Thing House of M Iron Man House of M Inhuman Torch
DSC00383.jpg (252 K)
DSC00384.jpg (223 K)
DSC00382.jpg (246 K)
DSC00381.jpg (203 K)
DSC05094.jpg (195 K)

Masterworks I: Fantastic Four #1


Masterworks I: Marvels #0 Masterworks II: Fantastic Four #243 Masterworks II: Marvel Feature #11 Marvel Legends Onslaught Wave


It's been an interesting year for Toy Biz. First they transitioned away from the Lord of the Rings license and went into Marvel Legends full steam. Then problems with the Scarlet Witch hit (due to factory troubles that plagued many toy companies) and the rising costs of oil led them to scale back plans to pack in henchmen with every figure. But the biggest news happened just weeks ago- Hasbro had acquired the Marvel license! What does this mean for Toy Biz? Well, for 2006 Toy Biz will pick up the manufacturing and distribution of their toys, but for all intents and puposes nothing will change as far as their plans for the year which are set it place. Down the road remains to be seen. But for now Jesse Falcon, Damon Nee, and Co. have delivered a stunning array of products for everyone to go nuts over. If this is the final year of Marvel Legends (and I'm NOT saying it is), they're sure going out with a bang! Sadly, the much anticipated Lomos figure was nowhere to be seen in the showroom.

But Marvel Legends are not Toy Biz's only stand out product for 2006. They also have a full mass market push of Marvel Legends Showdown (formerly Superhero Showdown), the TNA wrestling figures, Code Lyoko and Curious George, and the all-new ICONS line! ICONS are hard plastic 2-up sized figures with ML articulations and many of them are new sculpts! Here's a run down of what's in store for 2006:

Marvel Legends
Wave 13- Onslaught Build-a-Figure: Green Goblin (Norman Osborn head variant), Blackheart, Lady Deathstrike, Loki (with Crown of Lies variant), Pyro, and Abomination (Melted Face Variant).
Wave 14- Mojo Build-a-Figure: FA Iron Man, Longshot, Luke Cage, Falcon, Baron Zemo, and Psylocke. (X-Babies will not be in this wave- cost of oil is just slamming the extras this year!)
Wave 15- Modok Build-a-Figure: Beta Ray Bill, Moon Knight, Thor-Buster Armor Iron Man, Spider-Woman, Wasp, and Captain Marvel.
Wal-Mart Exclusive wave- Sentry (Bearded Variant), Captain Britain, Kitty Pride, Ant Man, Classic Thor, Havok, AOA Sabretooth, AOA Wolverine (Melted Face Variant), and Warbird.

toybiz108.jpg (89 K)
toybiz99.jpg (101 K)
toybiz100.jpg (79 K)
toybiz101.jpg (79 K)
toybiz102.jpg (70 K)
Loki Abomination Abomination Variant Lady Deathstrike Deathstrike Close-Up
toybiz103.jpg (85 K)
toybiz104.jpg (74 K)
toybiz105.jpg (74 K)
toybiz106.jpg (78 K)
toybiz107.jpg (79 K)
Green Goblin Blackheart Blackheart close-up Goblin Head Goblin Variant

toybizb03.jpg (85 K)
toybizb01.jpg (84 K)
toybizb02.jpg (76 K)
toybizb04.jpg (84 K)
toybizb05.jpg (77 K)
Loki close-up Loki (Crown of Lies Variant) Loki Variant close-up Pyro Pyro close-up
toybizb06.jpg (77 K)
toybizb07.jpg (75 K)
toybizb08.jpg (68 K)
toybizb16.jpg (68 K)
toybizb10.jpg (66 K)
Onslaught Build-a-Figure Onslaught close-up Luke Cage Cage close-up First Appearance Iron Man
toybizb17.jpg (70 K)
toybizb12.jpg (65 K)
toybizb19.jpg (68 K)
toybizb09.jpg (69 K)
toybizb15.jpg (68 K)
Iron Man close-up Falcon Falcon close-up Baron Zemo I Zemo close-up
toybizb14.jpg (70 K)
toybizb11.jpg (66 K)
toybizb18.jpg (72 K)
toybizb13.jpg (70 K)
toybizb20.jpg (66 K)
Mojo Build-a-Figure Longshot Longshot close-up Psylocke Psylocke close-up
toybizb21.jpg (79 K)
toybizb22.jpg (85 K)
Mojo close-up Marvel Legends Display      


ML Box Set
House of "M"- The Thing, Iron Man, Inhuman Torch, "It" (the Hulk).

ML Two-Packs
Series One- Cap America vs. Red Skull (Baron Von Strucker variant), Hulk vs. Leader, Daredevil (unmasked variant) vs. Kingpin
Series Two- FA Punisher vs. Jigsaw, FA Wolverine vs. FA Sabertooth, Modular Iron Man vs. Mandarin

toybizb35.jpg (103 K)
toybizb34.jpg (79 K)
toybizb24.jpg (87 K)
toybizb33.jpg (68 K)
toybizb23.jpg (109 K)
Marvel Legends 2-Packs Punisher close-up First Appearance Punisher Jigsaw close-up Jigsaw
toybizb27.jpg (92 K)
toybizb30.jpg (88 K)
toybizb28.jpg (88 K)
toybizb29.jpg (96 K)
Modular Iron Man Iron Man close-up Mandarin Mandarin close-up
toybizb26.jpg (91 K)
toybizb31.jpg (74 K)
toybizb25.jpg (91 K)
toybizb32.jpg (84 K)
First Appearance Wolverine Wolverine close-up First Appearance Sabretooth Sabretooth close-up

Series 1: Wolverine, Iron Man, Captain America
Series 2: Spiderman, Venom, Hulk
Series 3: Thing, Lizard, Beast

Fantastic Four Animated Series
Wave 1- Mole Creature Build-a-Figure: Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Hulk, DoomBot, Mole Man, The Thing, Skrull, Dr Doom and Johnny Storm.

toybiz35.jpg (85 K)
toybiz21.jpg (48 K)
toybiz22.jpg (46 K)
toybiz23.jpg (49 K)
toybiz24.jpg (81 K)
Fantastic Four Animated Series The Thing Johnny Storm Dr. Doom Packaged Mr. Fantastic
toybiz25.jpg (74 K)
toybiz26.jpg (83 K)
toybiz27.jpg (76 K)
toybiz28.jpg (30 K)
toybiz29.jpg (67 K)
Packaged Hulk Packaged Thing Packaged Skrull Human Torch Hulk
toybiz30.jpg (70 K)
toybiz31.jpg (33 K)
toybiz32.jpg (40 K)
toybiz33.jpg (64 K)
toybiz34.jpg (89 K)
Invisible Woman Mole Man DoomBot Mr. Fantastic

Super Stretch Mr. Fantastic

toybiz19.jpg (89 K)
toybiz20.jpg (49 K)
Mole Creature "Build-a-Figure" Skrull

Fantastic Four Classics
Wave 1- The Thing, Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch, Super Skrull.
Wave 2 - Dragon Man, Invisible Woman, Kang, Johnny Storm.

toybiz10.jpg (104 K)
toybiz11.jpg (103 K)
toybiz12.jpg (83 K)
toybiz13.jpg (58 K)
toybiz14.jpg (70 K)
FF Classics Dragon Man Johnny Storm Kang Invisible Woman
toybiz15.jpg (58 K)
toybiz16.jpg (70 K)
toybiz40.jpg (87 K)
toybiz41.jpg (59 K)
toybiz42.jpg (38 K)
The Thing Super Skrull & variants Thing close-up Invisible Woman close-up Invisible Woman variant
toybiz39.jpg (88 K)
toybiz36.jpg (61 K)
toybiz37.jpg (55 K)
toybiz38.jpg (69 K)
Dragon Man close-up Kang close-up Torch Snap-on Flames Torch close-up

X-Men Movie Tie-In Figures
Wave 1 - There will be a new Magneto not yet released.
Wave 2
Angel, Juggernaut, Jetpack Wolverine, Cyclops
Wave 3
- Colossus, Ultimate Sabretooth, Ultimate Nightcrawler, Ultimate Iceman (Variants- De-Iced Bobby Drake and basic Iceman w/snow shield) X-treme Rogue and Avalanche.

toybiz75.jpg (97 K)
toybiz76.jpg (98 K)
toybiz77.jpg (89 K)
toybiz78.jpg (88 K)
toybiz79.jpg (85 K)
Avalanche X-Treme Rogue Rogue close-up Bobby Drake Iceman 1
toybiz80.jpg (85 K)
toybiz81.jpg (91 K)
toybiz82.jpg (89 K)
toybiz83.jpg (91 K)
toybiz84.jpg (89 K)
Ultimate Iceman Colossus Ultimate Nightcrawler Ultimate Sabretooth Beast
toybiz85.jpg (86 K)
toybiz86.jpg (93 K)
toybiz87.jpg (99 K)
toybiz88.jpg (82 K)
toybiz89.jpg (86 K)
Cyclops Jetpack Wolverine Ultimate Juggernaut Angel Sentinel
xmenseries3.jpg (52 K)
toybiz74.jpg (91 K)
Group Shot Avalanche

Marvel Legends Showdown
Wave 2 - Colossus, Magneto, Namor, Logan on bike, Ghost Rider on bike, Mole Man, and Mr. Fantastic.
Wave 3
- Thor, Invisible Woman, Elektra, Green Goblin, Daredevil, Venom, Cyclops, Silver Surfer, Beast, and Juggernaut.

Spider-Man Classic (unique figures listed only)
Upcoming Waves will include - New Electro, Jack O'Lantern, Shocker, clear "Stealth" Venom, Hydro-Man, Hobgoblin, Spider-Hulk, Sandman rerelease.

toybiz94.jpg (95 K)
toybiz49.jpg (58 K)
toybiz96.jpg (83 K)
toybiz44.jpg (58 K)
toybiz43.jpg (56 K)
Hobgoblin Hobgoblin close-up Spider-Hulk Spider-Hulk close-up Hydro-Man
toybiz95.jpg (88 K)
toybiz97.jpg (85 K)
toybiz46.jpg (56 K)
toybiz98.jpg (76 K)
toybiz47.jpg (43 K)
Hydro-Man close-up Stealth Venom Stealth Venom close-up Shocker Shocker close-up
toybiz45.jpg (66 K)
toybiz93.jpg (95 K)
toybiz50.jpg (71 K)
toybiz48.jpg (59 K)
toybiz52.jpg (54 K)
Electro Jack O'Lantern Jack O'Lantern close-up Peter Parker Spider-man
toybiz51.jpg (50 K)

Spider-Man & Friends
New figures will include - Mr. Fantastic, Beast, Colossus, Transforming Peter Parker, Thing in a spacesuit and Green Goblin.

toybiz08.jpg (132 K)
toybiz09.jpg (99 K)
toybiz01.jpg (88 K)
toybiz02.jpg (82 K)
toybiz03.jpg (88 K)
Spidey & Friends Wall of Toys S&F Display Mr. Fantastic Transforming Peter Parker The Thing in Spacesuit
toybiz04.jpg (72 K)
toybiz05.jpg (71 K)
toybiz06.jpg (79 K)
toybiz07.jpg (91 K)
Beast Colossus Beast Green Goblin


Marvel Megamorphs
The Thing (turns into Jeep), Iron Man (turns into airplane), Venom (turns into mecha-spider)

Marvel Masterworks
Wave 1 - Fantastic Four vs Mole Man, Spider-Man vs Green Goblin
Wave 2 -
Fantastic Four vs Galactus, Hulk vs Thing

toybizb36.jpg (90 K)
toybizb37.jpg (95 K)
Galactus Masterworks Thing vs Hulk Masterworks

Spider-Man 13" rotocast figures
"House of M" Spiderman, Black Spider-Man costume, Daredevil

Figure Factory
Mr. Fantastic, Phoenix, Thor, Namor, Nightcrawler, Spider-Man, Cyclops, Rhino, Dr. Doom, Ghost Rider.

toybiz17.jpg (84 K)
toybiz18.jpg (95 K)
toybiz90.jpg (93 K)
toybiz91.jpg (80 K)
toybiz92.jpg (78 K)
Figure Factory Figure Factory Rotocast Spider-Man Rotocast Daredevil Rotocast Black Costume Spidey


TNA Wrestling Figures
Toy Biz keeps the Burly Men coming with these exciting line extensions for the Wrestlin' fans! Mad props to MP77 for the labeling help!

toybiz73.jpg (86 K)
toybiz61.jpg (87 K)
toybiz62.jpg (111 K)
toybiz63.jpg (82 K)
toybiz64.jpg (93 K)
TNA Wrestlers Raven, Monty Brown, Chris Sabin & AJ Styles Chris Harris, Rhino, Petey Williams, Kevin Nash Samoa Joe, James Storm, Kip James Sting, Jeff Jarrett, BG James, Kip James
toybiz65.jpg (87 K)
toybiz66.jpg (83 K)
toybiz67.jpg (80 K)
toybiz68.jpg (79 K)
toybiz69.jpg (86 K)
Sting & Jeff Jarrett BG James & Kip James Jeff Hardy vs The Abyss 2-pack Jeff Jarrett vs Monty Brown 2-pack AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe 2-pack
toybiz70.jpg (84 K)
toybiz72.jpg (86 K)
toybiz71.jpg (60 K)
Impact! Belt Playset Sharkboy w/mask Sting w/mask


Code Lyoko Toys

toybiz53.jpg (115 K)
toybiz60.jpg (86 K)
toybiz54.jpg (86 K)
toybiz59.jpg (77 K)
toybiz55.jpg (66 K)
Code Lyoko
toybiz56.jpg (78 K)
toybiz57.jpg (75 K)
toybiz58.jpg (61 K)

Lots more pictures and info to come

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