Big Update! Lots of Galleries Online!

Posted by ToyOtter (March 19, 2007, 1:27AM)

OK, I've got a lot of galleries updated today! Caution: some of them have a *ton* of pics, so be patient, it might take awhile for the full page to load. All galleries are linked in the sidebar at right.

Hasbro: Spider-Man 3, Marvel Comics, Star Wars, Transformers, and lots more

Mattel:  DCSH, Battleague, JLU, Super Friends, High School Musical, Cube World, Funkeys, Barbie, Disney, and lots more

Marvel Toys: Legendary Comic Book Heroes, Curious George, TNA Wrestling

Bandai: Ben 10, Power Rangers, Tamagotchi

BifBangPow: Flash Gordon, the Big Lebowski

Lots more to come...many next weekend!

And keep checking for our writeups on these companies which will show up here throughout the week.