Dark Horse Gallery is Online

Posted by ToyOtter (February 24, 2007, 4:49AM)

The Dark Horse Picture Gallery is now up on the right sidebar.

Dark Horse didn't have a huge area this year, at least not compared to the display they usually put up at SDCC, but what they did show was mighty nice as always. The Walt Disney's Gremlins line continued to expand in anticipation of the "Return of the Gremlins" books by Mike Richardson with art by Dean Yeagle. Included are three PVC sets and some statues that are in scale with the PVCs. The Craig Yoe designed "Syroco" homage statues continue with a line based on Charles Shultz's Peanuts characters, and for the first time some classic DC Comics characters: Superman (Joe Shuster), Batman (Bob Kane), Wonder Woman (H.G Peter), and The Flash (Harry Lampert). Mutts also feels the love with a new set of bookends to go with the PVC set and vinyl figures. I love the heck out of this comic strip!

Dark Horse continues to impress with their broad range of statues based upon the artwork of artists such as Frank Frazetta, Frank Cho, William Stout, and Charles Vess (who actually sculpted the statue himself!) They also showed a wide range of products tied into the Hellboy Animated DVDs, with some nice statues sculpted by our old pal Tim Bruckner. Serenity keeps plugging along with the perrenial ornament and a nice PVC set of Jayne, Mal, and River. Buy 'em up, Browncoats!

Kotobukiya unveiled their latest Star Wars imports, including a wicked kit of the Luke/Vader duel based on the Ralph McQuarrie concept art used to sell the movie to 20th Century Fox. These big kits get more and more impressive with each release. And finally, Weta once again showed off their truly amazing retro rayguns. These things are real works of beauty, and the love in making them shines through. Also amazing: the price. $690.00! Yowza!