Mattel speeds into Toy Fair with more Disney CARS!

Posted by SuperFly (February 11, 2007, 3:38AM)

Mattel speeds into 2007 with the contiuation of their successful Disney/Pixar license: CARS!

With a total of 25 released in 2006, Mattel's collectible die-cast series will see 61 entries by years end.  New models on display at Toy Fair includeda new red Ramone, Boost Booster, and Yeti.

Other new vehicles for 2007 consist of more Movie Moments, a Body Shop Swap assortment allowing fans to customize their Cars, a deluxe transforming Dinoco Lightning Storm McQueen and a massive 24" Mac Truck playset featuring three movie environments for hours of racing fun.

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Mattel Disney CARS Gallery