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Posted by JuliusMarx (February 12, 2007, 4:02AM)

Randy from NECA posted the following blog to the NECA MySpace page.  I have reprinted it for the non-MySpace inclined: 

Live from New York It's Toy Fair

Finally a second to breathe as I relax at home after the first full day of Toy Fair. Judging by my inbox and some of the posts on here there's a lot of confusion as to what we have planned for 2007. Toy Fair is hectic and the various web sites are doing their best to cover a lot of news from many manufacturers so it's easy to get things confused. Let me help set some things straight and we will have a full news wrap up next week on

Most of what we showed or announced at Toy Fair only accounts for about 60% of our 2007 lineup. Here is rundown of the highlights of what was shown or announced today.


Pirates of the Carabean

Pirates: At World's End Series 1 (May)
Jack Sparrow (all new sculpt w/ coat and Beach Base)
Sao Feng (all new w/ Bath House Base)
Pintel (new deco w/ Bath House Base)
Ragetti (new deco w/ Bath House Base)

Pirates: At World's End Series 1 (August)
Jack Sparrow (all new sculpt w/out coat & deck of Black Pearl Base)
Elizabeth Swann (all new w/ Bath House Base)
Tia Dalma (all new w/ deck of Black Pearl Base)
Figure 4 - TBD

NBX Series 6/7 (Fall)
this point we are still deciding how to assort the new figures between
the series but here is what was shown in the basic figure category:
Experiment Jack w/ desk & chair
Sally w/ Apron, Cauldron, and Stove
Oogie Boogie (natural color w/ new ripped arm revealing bugs)
Melting Guy
Spiders in Hair Monster
Corpse Kid w/ Corpse Mom
My. Hyde w/ Mini Hydes

Santa Jack w/ Santa Sally 2 pack (includes large snake & various presents)

Jack & Sally on Spiral Hill Boxed Set (new base and new "in love" head expression for Jack & Sally)

Super-Deformed Jack & Sally Vinyl Figures in 6" and 12" sizes

Cult Classics - I think we have already covered Jareth, Hannibal v.2, and Reservoir Dogs on here so this is what is new...

Cult Classics 6 (Sept/Oct)
S-Mart Ash
David (Lost Boys) - could be a 2 pack or single carded
Michael (Lost Boys) - could be a 2 pack or single carded
Figure 3 and or 4 - TBD

have 2 more Dawn of the Dead figures completed plus we are working on
some more new CC figures and possibly more Highlander so there are many
options for rounding out the CC6 lineup. They won't be out until
September/October so we have time to plan and assemble the best
follow-up to the very popular CC5.

Cult Classics Hall of Fame (Summer)

- yes there will be a variation on Jigsaw and no it is not the CC5 with
both heads. It may be a SAW 2 version of Tobin Bell or it may be
something else entirely. We have at least 2 variations on SAW ready and
details and release plans are still being determined. SAW was the most
popular figure from CC5 and retailers & fans want more so we're
going to deliver.

Zombie Ed - yes a single carded release of Ed in Zombie form is planned.
He will have the Zombie head, a new biten arm, all new Zombie deco, shackles, and a new base.

Figure 3 - TBD

Figure 4 - TBD

Player Select Series 2 (Early Fall)

Dante from the original Devil May Cry
Figure 2 - TBA
Figure 3 - TBD

Resident Evil Anniversary Collection 2 (Sept)
Crimson Head Zombie (new head and new arms and hands and all new deco)
*More TBA

Castlevania (October)
Simon Belmont

Grind House
12" Stuntman Mike - Summer
and we are hoping to release a 2nd series of 7" figures around the DVD release of GH


Harry Potter 

Harry Potter: The Order of the Phoenix Series 1 (May)
Sirius Black

Harry Potter: The Order of the Phoenix Series 2 (July)
Death Eater(s) - all new
Harry Potter v.2

Harry Potter: The Order of the Phoenix Series 3 (Fall)
Lineup TBA but very villain focused :)

Deluxe Hagrid w/ Fang & Norbert (Summer)

7" versions of Freddie Mercury and John Lennon (previously only available as 18")
18" Teen Spirit Cobain
New AC/DC 2 Pack
New Ramones 2 Pack
New Iron Maiden Figures # 5 & 6 - TBA
New Cobain v.3 - TBA
New Lennon v.2 - TBA

that wasn't enough we do have more that we are saving for Comic-Con
this Summer. Aside from that we are working with Rob Zombie on
SuperBeasto and Halloween for later in 2007.

As always dates and
assortments are subject to change. I'm doing my best to fill you in now
and we'll keep you updated as things get finalized after the show.
We're in for a great '07 and the response at the show has been nothing
short of fantastic.

Thanks for the input and feedback and if you
have ?s not covered here post them in the Toy Fair Q&A blog and I
will get to them as I can towards the end of next week.

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