The Dude Abides.... New Big Lebowski Figures

Posted by JuliusMarx (March 1, 2007, 8:10PM)


An new toy company called "Biff Bang Pow!" showed up to Toy Fair to announce their new license.  Biff Bang Pow was founded by A few folks from and producer Jason Lenzi.    They are working on their first two license, and the both put the CLASSIC in "Cult Classic"   The first license is "The Big Lebowski" the 1989 film by the Coen brothers.    There will be two styles of Lebowski figures to start off with.   An "urban vinyl" type line with with cloth outfits.  And a 1/6th scale line of figures.   What you see shown are still prototypes, but they give a good idea where they are going with these lines.   Naturally Walter and the Dude will be the first offerings.


Urban Vinyl


Walter and The Dude 

 The figures will come with a variety of accessories, such as bowling bags, Walter's ex-wife's show dog. and a white russian for the Dude.  It's a shame the Dude doesn't come with his rug... it really tied the room together.   But new outfits and new accessories are always a strong possibility for this line.   Right now the plan is to have these first 2 figures available by Comic Con International this Summer.

The Dude Walter

Technically... the Walter figure will be a 2-pack as he will come with the can.   




12" Prototypes


12 12




 The 12" figures are works in progress, but already have great liknesses.  They will also come with a variety of accessories and the potential for additional outfits.   Is it too early to hope for a "The Jesus" for this line?

This line holds a special place in my heart as you can see from my costume this past Halloween, so you can bet that we'll be following this line and keeping you updated on it release.

 Halloween 2006