The OTHER new Fisher-Price line at Toy Fair!

Posted by JJJason (February 12, 2007, 4:27AM)

Most fans are excited about Mattel/Fisher-Price's new "chunky" line of pre-school action figures, DC Superfriends.  I am too, but, as a huge Rescue Heroes fan, I came across something else they're working on for Fall 2007 that has me even more jazzed. has a good-sized photo spread on Planet Heroes, a new original line of pre-school action figures focusing on the planets of our solar system.  I did a little digging and here's Mattel's description of the line...

Planet Heroes(TM) Figure Assortment – Get ready for an intergalactic adventure with the new Planet Heroes(TM) action figures. The assortment of chunky, easy-to-hold figures represents the planets in our solar system and each comes with special tools and/or vehicles to help them in their adventures. Together the Planet Heroes(TM) figures have teamed up to protect the galaxy from the evil Black Hole “Professor of Darkness”(TM) character and his minions while at the same time teaching preschoolers about the solar system and all its wonders. The figures will each launch with a special DVD that introduces the characters and launches them into their first adventure.

Also, it seems Pluto's recent scientific demotion had Fisher-Price execs on pins and needles.  You can read about that here.

Planet Heroes look like some great, fun character and vehicle designs to me.  I'd love to see this line develop into the next Rescue Heroes.