Trip to the McFarlane Store
January 20, 2009

This past Saturday my wife and I met some friends for dinner over at Westgate City Center in Glendale, Arizona. Its a shopping and dining destination plopped right next to the Cardinal’s football and Coyote’s hockey stadiums. Its also home to the one and only McFarlane Toys retail store. Good excuse as any for a little trip to the "West Valley." Plus, I had some McFarlane gift cards burning a hole in my wallet!



Choosing this location for the McFarlane store certainly seems sound. Much of their product represents the type of sports and entertainment that will be drawing massive crowds to the adjacent stadiums. states: "We worked with architects and designers to make sure every detail was perfect." That’s not an understatement. The storefront is attractive and inviting. As you walk by and peek in the windows you see these fantastic displays:


I totally want a few of those! I’m told they change out which figures are featured in the display bubbles depending on what type of event is currently happening. We were there the evening before the NFL playoff games so there were Cardinals, Steelers, Ravens, and Eagles Sports Picks out to attract fans.

Inside the store is 2000 square feet of pure McFarlane. Close to the entry doors are prominent displays of the HALO and Guitar Hero lines. I’m not too up on what the latest HALO waves are but there certainly was a lot to choose from. Most of the first wave of Guitar Hero figures were available except for the Johnny Napalm skeleton version which I was hoping to snag. To his credit one employee searched the store top to bottom to find me one.


McFarlane did have a retail space which kind’uv doubled as a museum next to their main offices in Tempe, Arizona. They closed the doors to that showroom last year to focus on this newer and much classier space at Westgate. Although it was pretty cool to run into the Tempe store and have Al Simmons ringing you up at the cash register!


One cool thing about buying figures at the store is that all basic figures are sold at a $9.99 price point which is a couple bucks cheaper than many other places. You also see a smattering of figures with "Todd McFarlane" autographs hanging randomly on the pegs. If you’re into that its a cool bonus.


Well, I ended up only buying a couple Guitar Hero figures.  Rock God (who I hadn’t gotten yet,) and an Axel Steel with Spawn tee shirt autographed by Todd. And I still have some $ left on the gift card.  2009 wave 1 with Slash can’t come soon enough!


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  • xrmc20 says:

    That store is pretty cool, and I also totally want a few of those display cases in the front. I asked them one time where they got them, and they told me who makes them but I can’t remember where I wrote it down. They are super pricey, of course.

  • Bill says:

    I’ve been there too when I went to a hockey game. Cool store. Too bad I don’t really collect any of Todd’s lines anymore.

    Now where’s our DC Direct, Mattel, and Hasbro action figure retail stores?

    One can dream . . .

  • The Superfly says:

    Very cool, thanks for the writeup! I gotta check that out next time I’m in town…

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