Up, Up, and Away?!?
March 31, 2013

So I haven’t really been keeping up with Super Powers in many years (and I’m posting my my blog because I think this also gets reposted to the Super Powers blog). I know a few things have popped up here and there, like the unproduced Power Plus Darkseid, but for the most part we have been assuming that most of was was in production either has already been seen or has been lost to the ages at this point.

Except… a few years back there was an auction for this piece. I was alerted to it by a reader after it had already been taken down; I guess someone made a big offer as it was cancelled almost immediately. I’m also assuming this now sits in the collection of one of the “big collectors” of Super powers, as some of those guys don’t like to talk about their acquisitions. 😉

In any case, this pic is all that I’ve ever seen. I was originally planning on putting it online when I relaunched the Super Powers Archive, but considering that I started the redesign in 2007 and am still far from finished with it…well, when the subject came up on the Facebook group today I figured I might as well put this up now while I have some (very rare) free time. At some point I’d like to get back to the archive…

So: does anyone know what this was? Is it an actual proof sheet for an unproduced playset?  And of so, just how far along in the process did this thing get?!?


UPDATE: So yes, of course this was an April Fool’s gag!

I fooled more people than I thought I would, but a few folks caught on right away. I thought the proof color bars would be the dead giveaway, but only one person actually called those out…
In any case, it wasn’t actually meant to be an April Fool’s joke. I made this last Summer as a wedding present for our very own Julius Marx, to match his Tower of Darkness proof sheet. Had I made this for only the joke, I would have been much more careful with details, but also would probably have spent much less time on it.

Once you see the bigger version of the artwork below, you’ll be able to pick out a bunch of details that would have given it all away really quickly. But again, it was meant more to be a neat matching companion piece of art than it was a “forgery”. We only thought about the April Fools aspect after the fact. 😉 Hope everyone enjoyed it! And if you pin this image or put it up somewhere else, please credit me and link back to this article! Thanks!


Jason "ToyOtter" Geyer
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  • GeekSummit says:

    I don’t fancy myself a true knowledge completist but could this be a handy April fools joke? While I find it to bs an interesting piece were it true could this not be some truly fanciful photoshopery? Anyone familiar with my work knows I’m not opposed to the idea myself but the gradient on the “S” shield looks to me to be out of characteristic with Kenners contemporary styling a for the time.

    That’s just me,

  • Brainlock says:

    Cool. This makes those repainted ToyBiz BatCaves as custom Fortresses look plain in comparison.

    There may be a tiny chance of a prototype still out there? Hopefully, not in a landfill, buried under decades of junk. :/

  • Joe G. says:

    I think my head just exploded.

  • Jester says:

    I want to believe… I REALLY do. However, the date that this was revieled on makes me expect a punchline soon. If this is a joke, where can I get a print of the original because this looks cool as hell!

  • Warsman says:

    That cell holding Kalibak reminds me a lot of the Imaginext Batcave holding cell.

  • Daniel Pickett Julius Marx says:

    I had forgotten about that. I was going to bid on that before the auction was pulled/stopped. That would sure looks pretty in a frame.


  • Jason Jason Geyer says:

    Good catch on the Imaginext playset, Warsman!

  • Joe G. says:

    You did have me for a few minutes. Very nicely done, sir. I love Cyborg’s Crawler in the background, too.

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