Update on Progress of the MattyCollector.com ‘Club Etheria’ Subscription
February 26, 2014

Today over on the MattyCollector.com message boards Scott posted a reply to the folks that have concerns of the newly announced MOTUC/POP Club Etheria subscription:


posted February 26, 2014 04:02 PM

Not that we are counting on this or at all are expecting to go down this path, but I know a lot of fans are asking what the contingency plan is.

Essentially, yes, we need the POP sub to finish the POP vintage line. Should the add on sub not hit the min, we will simply replace the 3-4 POP slots planned for the main sub in 2015 with the first 3-4 POP add on figs (ie Entrapta, Razz etc…) and find some home for Lighthope (maybe a con or something). Those figs are far enough along. The final 2 planned 2014 figs and the planned 2015 POP figs would be dropped (but slots replaced with the existing 2014 POP figs).

So the POP sub “failing” would mean fewer overall POP figs and we would not finish POP by the end of 2015. It does not mean we would swap out Mara or some other non POP 2015 fig for one of the 2014 Add on POP figs. We would only replace the 3-4 planned 2015 POP slots. (About the same number that will be in the main 2014 sub if you will).

Hope this helps.

And by stating all of this, we are still fully beyond the 2014 add on POP Club Ether sub happening as is! It could use a little more steam so of you are on the fence, hey do it to support the brand and ensure a true full collection allowing MOTUC to truly feel complete for the record books! Do it for the awesome collection of figures and the first ever Light Hope! Sub in to support your fellow fans who may take a figure from your favorite faction to get their POP fig (in the main sub I mean).

Either way, we do relay on all our fans to help promote this line to their fellow toy collectors and friends. Please help spread the word and we can knock this home!


I speak a bit of “Guru-eese” so I can translate his statement.   I’ve seen a few folks again mentioning the “fear mongering” and “Mattel scare tactics” in relation to this statement.   I don’t believe Scott is trying to strike fear into POP or MOTUC fans.   He’s really just trying to keep the POP-sub on people’s minds. WITH OUT FAIL all of the subscriptions (MOTUC, Filmation, DCUC, Young Justice, etc) have a BIG first week and then it trickles in the rest of the time and then there’s one more big spike in the last 48-72 hours.   Sometimes this is a good thing and the fans rally and the subs go through (MOTUC, Filmation and year 2 DCUC).   Sometimes it’s not enough and the subs do not fund (Young Justice, Ecto -1).   This is the same pattern you often see with other crowd-funding sites such as Kickstarer and Indigogo.

As I read the statement above, Scott is saying Club Etheria is on track with what they have seen before with MOTUC based subs, but they are not there yet, they are in the slow period and they really won’t know if they hit the minimum funding until the last day if it stays at the current pace. Scott is just trying to encourage people to sub now if they are planning to (and to spread the word to others that might be interested in a POP based sub) so that MOTUC, POP fans and Mattel will know before March 10th to breath easy.

You can ensure that the sub stays on track and that POP fans can stop sweating it and to breath easy by not waiting until the last day and picking up one of the 2 versions of the Club Etheria subscription here on MattyCollector.com.

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  • Jonatan says:

    That’s so sad to hear some folks saying they don’t like POP figures. I know most of them are females and people want more MOTUC characters (specially males), but let’s not face those figures as dolls like the majority thinks, but cool looking toys that need some place on our shelves (and those girls look awesome with the guys).
    Of course I have my wish list like everyone, but to have our figures made we must support the line. I’m a Club Eternia subscriber and I bought Club Etheria as well, because I do love every figure released as a toy collector and the bigger my collection is, the better it will be.

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