Updated: Toy Story Twitch All Versions Mega-Review
June 7, 2010

Join me for a look at all the currently available toy versions of Twitch, from the upcoming  "Toy Story 3!"



A while ago I posted a blog reviewing various versions of Twitch.  This post combines that content with the newly released toys to make a currently complete overview of the various versions of  Twitch.

Once again, let’s look at  The Insectaloid Warrior Twitch!   Up for review today are: 

  • 13" Toy Story Collection Twitch
  • 6" Basic Twitch Action Figure
  • 6" Deluxe Twitch Action Figure
  • 4" Disney Pixar Collection Adult Collector Twitch
  • 3" Deluxe Figurine Set Twitch (Disney Store)
  • 2" Buddy Pack Twitch
  • Lego Twitch Mini Figure

First let’s take a look at the official CG Model and Bio:


Meet Twitch, the insectaloid warrior, where MAN + INSECT = AWESOME! This sturdy action
figure stands over five inches tall, with more than 15 points of articulation, including ferocious
chomping mandibles. Use his powerful wings and impenetrable exoskeleton to evade capture!
Twitch is meticulously detailed and includes his signature magical battle staff and removable
chest armor. For children ages 4 and up. Other insectaloid figures sold separately.

Sadly, none of these real toy versions have the 15+ points of articulation, meticulous detail or 
accessories mentioned in the faux description.  But all are fun and each still has its pros and cons.


Let’s look first at the big guy which will set you back $30 at the Disney Store and about $25 at mass retail:

12" Toy Story 3 Twitch by Thinkway Toys:


The graddaddy of all  Twitches, comes in an open box, so you can get a good feel for what you are getting even in the store.


Paint and Sculpt Detail:

Sculpting is excellent on 12"Twitch.  His body is fully textured with a pebbly carapace.  Eyes are painted with metallic orange and there’s a good airbrush gradient on his legs and antennae.   He is missing the green the airbrushing on head and torso that the CG model and some of the smaller versions have though.

Action Features:

We get at least one of the action features named in the faux bio; chomping mandibles.  Push down on his head and his mandibles open and shut.   We also get spring loaded wings and a cricket like sound when you press the button on his abdomen.  The wings are also attached by small pieces of cord, so that in the event they detach they won’t be lost immediately.   What we do NOT get is his staff and removable chest armor.



The bio claims that he should have 15 points of articulation, and 12" Twitch just barel makes it there.  He’s got:

  • swivel neck
  • ball joint shoulders
  • hinge elbows
  • swivel wrists
  • ball joint hips
  • hinge knees
  • hinge ankles

That’s 13 points by my count so if you count hinges on the wings that just makes the total of 15.


If you want a big, substantial figure that works with your other large Toy Story figures, Twitch is pretty good.  The lack of a Staff hurts what otherwise gets very close to a definitive version of the character. 


Next up, we’ll look at the Deluxe and Basic Mattel 6" figures in the main mass retail line:

6" Deluxe and Basic Twitch:


These 2 figure look almost identical at first glance and the "Squeeze his legs to flap his wings" action gimmick is practically the only difference.


Paint and Sculpt Detail:

  • 6"  Deluxe Twitch – Paint ops are reasonably good here, as he has all the basic paint ops as well as the green airbrushing on the head and torso.  Details wise, he’s got textured arms, but non-textured torso and legs.  as There’s some nice veining on the wings that really make them look sharp.  The back of the figure is marred by large screw holes and the trigger leg that you squeeze to activate the wing flapping action has a noticeable gap where it attaches to the body.
  • 6"  Basic Twitch – In terms of sculpt this is almost the identical figure at the Deluxe.   The only real difference is that both legs attach flush to the body and there are no screw holes to accommodate an action feature.   In terms of paint ops, it’s the same again, except we lose the green airbrushing on the head and torso, and his antennae are all orange, instead of half ornage like on the Deluxe.


  • 6"  Deluxe Twitch: Very limited articulation here, a mere 5 points: Swivel neck, shoulders and wings.  The wings can hold an open pose independent of the action feature so I count them as points of articulation.
  • 6" Twitch Figure – A bit more articulation here, but not much,  7 points:  Swivel neck, shoulders,
    v-crotch and wings.  The articulation is VERY solid however with strong smooth joints firmly

Accessories:   Sadly, neither figure has ANY accessories.  No staff, no removable harness.

Overall:   At $12 for the Deluxe and $8 for the Basic, I’d say that if you are in the market for a 6" Twitch, the Basic is a better choice unless you absolutely LOVE flapping wings.


Next we’ll look at the Twitch intended for "Adult Collectors,"  which SHOULD be the best one no?

4" Disney Pixar Collection Adult Collector Twitch (with Basic Twitch for comparison):


This is an articulated 4" action figure and at first glance appears to be a great rendition…

Paint and Detail:

Paint ops are quite good.  Metallic eyes, airbrushed head and torso, and very nice airbrush work on the feet.   Detail-wise, he’s similar to the Deluxe and Basic versions.  Textured arms, but non-textured torso and legs. 



This version sports 13 points of artculation:

  • swivel neck
  • disc and swivel shoulders
  • hinged elbows
  • swivel wrists
  • disc and swivel  hips
  • hinged knees
  • swivel shin

What’s sadly missing are ARTICULATED WINGS!!!  This is a major disappointment for this figure.  The other big problem, is like the Adult Collector 4" Buzz, the hip joints are angled and there’s no mid thigh swivel, so they are largely useless for any poses other than standing.  He could sit "Indian style" but his lack of movable wings makes even that impossible.


The biggest selling point on this figure is his staff!   He’s the only version of Twitch thus far with accurate sculpt removable staff!  It is unpainted though, and once again, his vest is non-removable. 


I have to admit this figure was a disappointment.   I was hoping it would be the best version, despite it’s smallish size.   The weird hip joints I can live with, but the non-poseable wings is a real letdown that seriously reduces the display options of the figure.   And at about $13, I think a product aimed at "Adult Collectors" should give you a bit more bang for your buck.  (Of course, it’s a lot better than the rest of that series, as some are nothing but $13 static PVCs…) 


Finally, it’s time to go small and look at the tiniest versions of Twitch:

Lego Twitch Mini Figure, 2" Buddy Pack Twitch, 3" Deluxe Figurine Set Twitch:



Paint and Sculpt Detail:

  • Lego Twitch Mini Figure:  It’s a Lego mini figure and you get what you expect.  Clean
    tampo-printed chest and painted eyes.  The color choices are a bit off model though, as
    his eyes are more dark brown than copper and the green on the body is not the almost
    neon green of the rest.  Sculpt is simple but clean, what you’d expect from Lego.
  • 3" Deluxe Figurine Set Twitch –Some nice paint work here; metallic eyes,
    airbrushed antennae, chest detail and staff tip.  Downside is the veins on his wings are
    painted rather than sculpted.  Eyes also lack texture.
  • 2" Buddy Pack Twitch – Paintwork is similar to the bigger guys but the little buddy gets
    points for some of the best iridescent paint on the eyes out of all the figures.  Sculpt detail is clean and
    stylized.  Wings are totally smooth with neither painted nor sculpted veins.


  • Lego Twitch Mini Figure:   Typical Lego mini figure articulation plus some extra: 
    swivel neck, shoulders,writs and hips, but also removable swivel antennae.
  • 3" Deluxe Figurine Set Twitch – no articulation.
  • 2" Buddy Pack Twitch – 3 points:  Neck and shoulders.  Quite good for such a small figure.


None of these figures technically have removable accessories, but both the Buddy and Figurine have non-removable staffs.  The Buddy’s staff is a totally different design, reminiscent of a classic mace, while the Figurine has the movie style staff and it’s well painted to boot!

Lego Mini Figures are accessories themselves in some ways, and for those interested in custom builds, any new parts are worth noting.   Twitch has a new head with removable antennae and a new clear wing pack.  Again Lego’s color choices seem off as the wings are colorless rather than the amber color of the other versions.  (Even if you were to stick to standard Lego colors, you have both a lighter lime green and a clear yellow that would in my opinion be more on model for Twitch.)  But
the head and wing pack are no doubt going to popular to Lego Mini Figure fans as you could create bugmen for Lego lines like Space Police…


All 3 are fun mini-figures.  The Figurine offers what you normally get from a Disney Store Figurine, nice enough sculpt and paint, but not much else.  The Buddy is quite fun, and overall that line has grown on me as it has a nice clean yet charming sculpt style.  Lego is Lego, so if you like Lego you’re gonna like the Lego version.   Of course, at retail these figures all need to be purchased in sets.  The Buddy comes in a 2 pack for around $8, not cheap for 2 small figures.  The Figurine is part of the Disney Story 13 Piece Deluxe Figurine Set which sells  for about $20.  A decent enough value. 

The Lego version is the killer though, as Twitch is only currently available in the LEGO Disney Pixar Toy Story 3 Garbage Truck Getaway (7599) set which will run you $45.  That set also includes Lotso, Buzz and Jessie, but they’re "dirty" versions, so in the end I opted to get on Bricklink.com and found a Twitch alone for about $15.   Prices on individual mini figures fluctuate wildly as supply and demand dictate but odds are unless you really want a garbage truck or dirty versions of the other characters, if you want Twitch alone, the aftermarket is your best bet.


It probably strikes some collectors as odd that I would buy so many version of the same character.  Most would probably opt for one "definitive" version.   I however really enjoy the differences and contrasts to be found in each version as it tells a lot about design choices, marketing and what makes a good or bad toy.

It’s also probably odd that I would be so interested in a character when I’ve not yet seen the movie!  But much of the appeal of the character for me is that it is clearly a nod to classic action figure lines of  the past.  There’s an obvious nod to Masters of the Universe in the body proportions of Twitch, and the 6" Twitch works rather well with both MOTU and MOTUC:

In terms of size he’s right in the MOTU range:


But his style and detail lets him work fairly well with MOTUC:



Many collectors will no doubt  compare Twitch to Sectaurs, but I think Twitch is more a descendant of
one of my favorite obscure vintage toy lines:  Multi-Toys Corp’s Bugmen of Insecta from 1983.

Both the 6" versions work fairly well with them:


But it’s the 4" version that fits right in!



All in all I’m pretty excited about this newest addition to Toy Story cast, and whether he’s an
important new character or a bit player, I’m glad to add him in his various incarnations to my collection!


Join me next time when I take the same obsessively in-depth look at another new TS3 Character:  Chunk!




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  • Erik superfriend says:

    This – and the next one – remind me of an early blog that asked a question: “Is there something you just find so cool you buy it over and over and over again?” Lots of people have a dozen versions of Batman, but you take these offbeat characters and make them mega stars.

    I agree, Twitch fits in very well with the MOTUC Mattel has been making recently. And the 2″ Buddy packs are cool to mix with the other lines of that scale.

    • Jeremy SpyMagician says:

      I’m right with you on that my friend!

      I love collecting multiple versions of obscure characters!

      Sadly, it’s a LOT hard to do with more popular ones as the sheer number of variations quickly make it cost prohibitive.

      I’ve love to give Woody or Buzz the same treatment, but I’d go broke! LOL!

  • demoncat says:

    i was going to say when i first saw Twitch i was thinking he was a rejected motu character like buzz offs cousin . for he fits perfectly in that line. and all those twitches make it look like one has an army of twitches as for Chunck the dude looks like a reject from the rock lords line.

  • CompyRex says:

    This is a great blog entry. I got the Toys R Us exclusive Twitch and Chunk two-pack and it’s great. Even though Twitch is extremely awesome, it’ll nice to see some thoughts on Chunk. I can’t wait for your review.

    • Jeremy SpyMagician says:

      Thanks for the kind words!

      I think that Twitch/Chunk 2 pack is a great deal and a great item!

      Initially I was more drawn to Twitch, but as you’ll find out in my next blog, Chunk actually translates to toys MUCH better, and he’s just plain fun!

  • CompyRex says:

    Exactly. At that 5-6″ scale, the brown color, the angry face, and the rubber arms, Chunk reminded me of Batman the Animated Series Clayface. They look great next to each other.

  • Tristan says:

    Nice review, Im glad you went over all the sizes, Im very tempted on the largest verion, but I think keep thinking smaller might be better.

    • Jeremy SpyMagician says:

      Well, on the upside, the largest version is not available at Toys r Us for $24.99 (at least the TRUs near me.) So unless you take advantage of a sale at Disney, TRU is gonna save you a few $$$ (especially if they put on a sale or coupon.)

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