Voltron Returns!
June 9, 2010

So now Voltron’s coming back, eh?

The 80s renaissance continues as a new animated series, Voltron Force, was announced this week along with an accompanying toyline from Mattel.

Now, I was never a huge Voltron fan. I’m typically not into giant robots (which is odd, considering how much I loved Shogun Warriors back in the 70s). I watched the original series on and off. I never picked up any of the toys. Yet, I am finding myself looking forward to this new series and toyline. There’s another upcoming piece of Voltron merchandise that I am really looking forward to.

Beating everyone to the punch in this Voltron resurgence is game company Privateer Press, makers of the popular miniatures games Warmachine, Hordes and Monsterpocalypse.

(If you’re not a gamer and Monsterpocalypse sounds vaguely familiar to you it may be because the property was recently optioned to be made into a movie)

Spinning off of their collectible giant monster battles game, Monsterpocalypse, comes the Voltron: Defender of the Universe Battle Miniatures Game. The tabletop game is set to hit stores in July and it looks fantastic.  Here’s what your $49.99 will get you:

    •    1 Voltron figure
    •    5 Voltron Lion figures
    •    5 Voltron force Galaxy Garrison Cruiser figures
    •    1 Lo-Tron figure
    •    1 Lotor’s Command Ship figure
    •    4 Robeast figures
    •    5 Lo-Tron Skull Ship figures
    •    4 health tracking tokens
    •    4 dice tracking tokens
    •    24 dice
    •    1 double-sided game mat
    •    1 full color rulebook

That’s a ton of stuff! The miniatures are all pre-painted and ready to play right out of the box. The rules are fully compatible with Monsterpocalypse, so you can have Voltron square off against your Terrasaurs or other Monsterpocalypse faction.  I love the Monsterpocalypse game. It’s a blast to play, especially if you love the kaiju genre. Voltron looks to be just as fun.

This is the first venture into a licensed property for the folks at Privateer Press, and it looks like they hit it out of the park. Find out more about Privateer Press and their new Voltron Battle Miniatures Game at the links below:





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