WB and DC Nation celebrate AFi Anniversary with the debut of Teen Titans Go!
April 23, 2013

Not really, but tonight, April 23rd at 7:30 PM Eastern time is the premiere of DC Nation’s new show, Teen Titans Go.

Teen Titans Go 1

Teen Titans Go 1

Bringing back the original cast from the prior Teen Titans show, this should be a hit with the younger crowd and somewhat nostalgic to fans of the previous show.  They even remixed the opening song to make the new one.

Starting out as one of the DC Shorts run during the DC Nation block, Teen Titans Go is the first of these to be turned into a series with full half hour episodes.  I think I recall reading that one of the goals of the DC Shorts was to try out material and see if it passed the test to become a show.  Congratulations to Teen Titans Go to making it to a full show.

Teen Titans Go 2

Teen Titans Go 2

So, if you are a fan of the shorts, a fan of the old show, a DC fan, a super-hero fan, or maybe just an animation fan, I hope you will join me tonight for the premiere episode.  Then come back and lets discuss it in the comments below!

Teen Titans Go 3

Teen Titans Go 3




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  • Extant59 says:

    This makes me sad. Of all DC shows that have ever existed, this was the worst. I miss young justice already.

    This show seemed to be geared toward 4 year olds

  • Erik superfriend says:

    We all miss Young Justice. But that’s a topic for another blog. I have mixed feelings after watching the first episode. The sandwich thing was funny and had action. The pie story was funny and twisted. And they never resolved the actual threat. It was not shown if they saved the people. Which left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

  • dan says:

    that was horrible compared to what it was. its been fun teen titans thanks for the memories. bang…

  • Shellhead says:

    Not as terrible as I feared (the first segment was semi-entertaining), but not that great, either. The second short was terrible. But I am clearly not the demographic they’re looking for.
    I’m going to give it one more episode before I ignore it for good.
    So much for DC Nation. They don’t even get to premiere episodes any more, apparently.

  • Erik superfriend says:

    With the big heads, I think this show is ideal for the POP figures from Funko.

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