Well, that’s a new one.
November 15, 2006

I’m sure we’ve all gotten the odd sidelong glance from parents or employees while trolling the pegs for the latest treasure, but here’s something I hadn’t encountered until yesterday.

I’m in the Wal-Mart figure aisle, flipping through the DC Superheroes.  Behind me, a guy is trying to align a large, unwieldy box under the price scanner.  His girlfriend/wife/what-have-you is lending ineffectual support. 

I’m about to move on to the Ben 10 pegs when I hear a somewhat insistent, "Excuse me, you work here?"  Fairly certain I was the only other person in the aisle, I turn around and, sure enough, Unwieldy Box Guy is looking right at me.

"You work here?"

I look down at my jeans, banded collar shirt, and military style jacket, then at him.  "No."

"Yeah, you work here."  He shifted the box.  "You know you’re a security guard.  You’re not here cleaning up the toys…you’re watching me and shit!"

"Yeah, ok."  I continued on to Ben 10.  Unwieldy Box Guy and his woman found help elsewhere.

Now, I’ve dropped 30 pounds in the last seven months and added some muscle mass, but that’s the first time I’ve ever been called out as security.

What’s the societal comment?  You decide.


Jason "JJJason" Chirevas
Jason Chirevas is a toy collector whether he likes it or not (and he often doesn't). This former Would've-Been Action Hero is as interested in the humanity, psychology, and psychosis of collecting as he is in the action figures themselves. Fun guy.
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