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The fun thing about TV is that even though you have to wait a week in suspense, the next program begins immediately after the last one ends. It’s sorta like time travel. Like on LOST. Anyway, Hippe walks quickly through a stone hallway in the temple and goes into a room where the Vest is typing on a typewriter. “He’s alive,” the tall man says.

At the spring, Jack goes to Sayid. Hurley comes over. “It worked? Dude, you’re okay!” Hurley hugs Sayid and Jack says to let him breath. Sayid is feeling a little lightheaded. “You died,” Jack says. From a little ways away, Kate says to Sawyer, “How is that even possible? Now he’s fine?”
“Of course he’s fine,” Sawyer says. “He’s an Iraqi torturer who shoots kids, he definitely deserves another go around.”

Kate notices that he’s looking outside and asks what he’s looking at. “How many guys with guns do you think are outside this place?” he asks. Sawyer says he’s thinking for running.


At the airport, Kate looks for a cab. She sees Marshal Mars and hears him say, “She’s wearing handcuffs. She’s probably got them covered.” Then he sees her and she jumps into a cab with Claire. The driver says he already has a customer and she points a gun at him and tells him to go. He speeds away and she tells him to slow down. Claire begs Kate to let her out.

Kate sees a police car. The driver of the taxi stops and Kate asks what he’s doing. There is a man in the road, bent over picking up his luggage. He turns around and it’s the amazing exploding Arzt. He yells, “Hey, I’m walking here, I’m walking here!” But he doesn’t do a very good New York accent. The driver beeps the horn and Kate sees Jack on the sidewalk. She gives him a second look, like he looks familiar but she can’t place him.

Claire starts to get out and Kate says, “Do not get out of this car!” She tells the driver to go. The cabbie mows over Arzt’s bags while he yells that he got the licence plate.At the stoplight, the light turns yellow and then red. Kate says, “At the light, take a left.” Claire and Kate get into an argument and the driver jumps outta the cab and runs off. Kate climbs over the seat and takes charge and the two women zip away. Kate takes Claire’s purse and makes her get out in some industrial area. And drives off.

Bullet Wound Healed

Jin and Jack help Sayid outside. They sit him down and Sayid says, “Who are these people? What do they want?” “It’s the Others, dude,” Hurley says. “They caught us, again. I don’t know, I think they’re trying to protect us.” “As you can see,” Miles says, “Hugo, here, has assumed the leadership position, so that’s pretty great.” “What?” Sayid asks Jack. “The wound,” Jack says, “it’s almost completely closed.” Sayid looks at it and says, “Thank you, Jack.” “For what?” “Saving my life.”

Vest walks out, followed by Hippie and other men. Vesst seems like he can’t quite believe Sayid is standing there. He says something and Hippe says he wants Sayid to come with them. Sayid wants to know where. Hippie says inside. Jack intervenes and a fight erupts and a gun is fired and they all turn to see Sawyer pointing the gun. Through Hippie, Vest gives the command not to shoot and to lower their weapons. To Sawyer, Hippie says, “Please, you don’t have to do this. We won’t hurt your friend.” “He ain’t my friend,” Sawyer says. “Do what you want with him and anybody else. But me, I’m walking out of here.” After a little discussion, Sawyer leaves.

Some of the men take Sayid, and Jack asks where they are taking him. Aldo points a gun at Jack and says, “Everyone just calm down!” Kate says she can track Sawyer. Jack looks upset. Jin says he’ll go with Kate and the Others.


Kate drives the taxi to an auto repair shop and points a gun at the man working there. “Where’s your tire hammer?” He stops working and looks at her handcuffs. “You’ve got a problem.” The auto repair dude helps Kate get the handcuff off without cutting off her hand. She says thanks. At first, I thought the man behind the protective eyegear was so going to be Tom the Other. Wouldn’t it make sense that in the ATL, gay Tom is an auto mechanic? But alas, just some (rather helpful) guy.

She goes into the garage bathroom to change clothes and takes Claire’s bag into the bathroom and takes off her jacket. She opens the bag to find a picture of pregnant Claire inside. The bag is full of stuff for the baby, including a stuffed whale. Kate looks ready to cry.


At the temple, Kate packs a backpack and Aldo says, “You better not slow us down.” “You better not slow me down,” she says. If she had pigtails, I think Aldo would pull them now. Jack wants to go, but Kate reminds him that Sawyer will kill him. She starts to walk away and says goodbye. He pulls her close and says, “Be careful.”

Inside a room elsewhere in the temple, Sayid is shackled to a table. “What is it that you want?” Sayid asks Vest. “Please, whatever you’re thinking of doing–” Vest opens a can that has ash in it and blows some over Sayid’s bare chest. He studies the ash. Sayid is looking really scared. Vest connects wires to Sayid and then cranks a wheel. He flips a switch and there is electronic buzzing and a light goes on. He turns a dial and Sayid begins writhing in pain. Vest turns off the machine and takes off the wires. “Why?” Sayid asks. “Why are you doing this?” Vest pulls a red hot poker from the fire. “I don’t have any secrets,” Sayid says. Vest puts the poker on Sayid’s chest while he screams. He speaks Japanese to Hippie. Hippie steps in with two other men and says, “We’re sorry we had to put you through that. It was a test. We had to be sure.” “Test to be sure of what?” Sayid asks. “Don’t worry,” Hippie says. “You passed.”

Sayid is removed from the table and the other Others take him out. Hippie says to Vest, “I just lied to him, didn’t I?” Vest says yes.


Kate drives the taxi back to where she’d let Claire out. Claire is sitting on a bench. Kate gets out and they have a strange conversation. Kate convinces her to get in the cab and she takes her to Langdon Street in Brentwood. She explains to Kate that there is a couple there who are going to adopt the baby. They were supposed to meet her at the airport.


As they walk through the jungle, Kate asks Aldo why they are keeping them at the temple. He asks if she’s ever seen a pillar of black smoke that makes a ticka-ticka sound and looks pissed off. She says yes. Aldo says they are protecting them from that.

Jin wants to know if they know anything about another plane coming to the island. An Ajira flight. Aldo wants to know when the press conference started. The other Other with Aldo, Justin starts to say the he thinks Jin is talking about the one that landed – – when Aldo tells him to shut up.

They continue walking, but Kate stops and says, “No, no, that’s a decoy trail. He went this way.” Aldo questions Kate’s decision and Justin agrees with her. Aldo is not a happy Other. They continue on and Aldo asks Kate, “So what’s your strategy for bringing your boyfriend back? I hope you got one, because he shot a guy on his way out. If he tries that on me I’m going to blow his head off.” Kate almost trips once of Rousseau’s traps. Justin starts to talk about her and Aldo gets all pissy again. Kate shoves a canteen into Aldo’s chest. “What was he going to say?” “You don’t even remember me, do you? You don’t recognize me. Well maybe this will jog your memory. Three years ago you staged yourself a little prison break. And you did it by knocking the guard out with the butt of your rifle. That would be me.” So, what is this a high school reunion where Aldo is upset because he used to sit next to Kate in Algebra and she doesn’t remember him? To show she does recognize Aldo, Kate hits him with the canteen and then throws the canteen on the trip wire. The net full of rocks swings down and hits Justin. Kate takes a pistol and a rifle and Jin asks what she’s doing. “Escaping,” she says.


The two Others bring Sayid into the room where the spring is. Hurley yells, “Jack, he’s back.”
Miles and Hurley sit Sayid down against a pillar. Sayid tells them that Vest tortured him and he doesn’t know why. That they didn’t ask him any questions. Jack goes to the guards and tells them to step aside. They look at each other and step aside. Jack goes into the room where Vest is grinding something by hand. Hippie is leaning against the wall looking at a book. “Hey, Shephard,” he says. “We were hoping you’d come on your own.” Jack is in a pissed off mood and wants to know what they did to Sayid. Hippie says that they didn’t do anything to him and that Sayid is sick. “Sick with what?” Asks Jack. Vest speaks Japanese and Hippie says, “He’s, well, there’s not really a literal translation. The closest thing would be infected.” “Infected?” Jack says. “He’s not even running a fever.” Vest smiles. “Did I say something funny?” Jack says. Hippie says that he, Jack, doesn’t really have a sense of humor. Vest puts a capsule on a piece of paper and says something. He hold out the paper to Jack and Hippie says that Jack has to give Sayid the pill.

Jack chuckles. “Are you serious? Why don’t you give it to him?” Hippie says it won’t work unless Sayid takes it willingly and he won’t take anything willingly from them now. Jack, showing a little sense of humor says that maybe they should have asked him to take it before they tortured him. Hippie says they we not torturing him, but were diagnosing him to see if he was infected. He says that Sayid is infected.

“I’m not going to give anything to Sayid unless I know what’s in it.” He starts to walk out and Hippie looks worried. Vest puts his hand up to stop Hippie from saying anything and in English says, “Tell me, Shephard, your friend, how did he get shot?” Jack says Sayid was helping him and Vest says it was Jack’s fault. Jack says yes. Vest continues, “And there have been others who were hurt or died helping you?” Again, Jack says yes. “Well, then this is your chance to redeem yourself.” Says Vest. He grabs Jack’s hand and puts the pill in his palm. “It’s medicine. And your friend needs it.” Jack wonders what will happen if he doesn’t give it to him. Vest says the infection will spread.


Miles talks to Sayid. “So nothing, there wasn’t anything? No white light? Angels singing? No dead relatives?” “I remember being shot,” Sayid says. “You’re not a zombie, right?” Hurley says.
“No, I am not a zombie,” Sayid says. Jack returns and asks Miles and Hurley if they mind giving him and Sayid a minute. Hurley gets up and says, “Yeah, see private talks kind of freak me out because they usually lead to me having to do something that I don’t fully understand.” As they depart Miles has the best line of the hour. “We’ll be in the food court if you need us.”

Jack sits and takes a drink of water. He tells Sayid that they were trying to diagnose him with the hot poker. “Right. They told me it was some sort of test, which they said I passed, but clearly I didn’t.” Jack opens the paper with the pill in it. “What’s that?” Sayid asks. “They want you to take it. It’s medicine, according to them.” Jack confesses that he doesn’t know what the pill is or what it will do to Sayid. He tells him that they fixed him, not Jack. Sayid says that he doesn’t care who fixed him, he cares about who he trusts and if Jack wants him to take it he will. Jack closes his hand around the pill.


Jin follows Kate through the jungle. “Wait,” he says, “where are you going?” She tells him she’s catching up with Sawyer. “So you never planned to bring him back to the Temple?” She says she isn’t interested in being a prisoner. Jin asks where her plane landed. She tells him she doesn’t know. Jin explains that Sun was on that plane and he has to find her. “You think they’re going to tell you? You think they care about you or about Sun or about any of us?” Jin asks what she cares about and Kate wishes him good luck and heads off into the jungle. He asks what she’ll do when she catches up with Sawyer. She says she guesses they will figure it out together.


Kate looks at the directions that Claire had written down while she drives. Claire is defensive about the couple not meeting her at the airport. She finds the house and they walk up together and when the woman answers the door Mrs. Baskum looks at Claire and starts to cry. She says her husband left her and she can’t do it alone. Kate looks like she’s gonna pop a cap in Mrs. Baskum’s ass. Claire doubles over and says the baby is coming.

This wasn’t really working for me as a plot development. It seemed like a lazy way to remove the adoption possibility. But it makes me wonder whether Richard Malkin was still the one who sent Claire to Los Angeles. We’ve been led to believe that he put Claire on the plane knowing that it would crash and that she would be forced to raise her baby rather than give it up. Would he still send her to LA if he didn’t foresee the crash? Of course, as things turned out, Claire only ended up raising her baby under the crash scenario for about 100 days, anyway. And Malkin did tell Mr. Eko that he wasn’t a real psychic. In any case, I’d love to run into Malkin again in any timeline.


Kate tracks Sawyer to the Othertown. She hears clattering and goes into the house. She follows the noises and sees Sawyer in the bedroom pulling up floorboards. He pulls out a shoebox and sits down with it. He opens it and pulls out a little black bag and begins to cry. Kate watches and then tries to sneak away, but the floor creaks. Sawyer grabs his gun and says, “Who’s there? You better come out now or I’m just going to start shooting.” He goes into the hallway and lowers his gun when he sees Kate. “What the hell are you doing here?” “I was worried about you,” she says.
He walks out.


Claire goes into labor and Kate, pulling a 180 from the desperate-to-escape convict we saw earlier, drives her to the hospital in the stolen cab and even stays by her side. The doctor is none other than our good friend Ethan, which I thought was one of the episode’s more favorable developments. “I don’t want to stick you with needles if I don’t have to,” he says. I guess papa Horace got him on the sub in “The Incident” or else he wouldn’t actually be alive in this time line. Ethan is very concerned with making certain that Claire and the baby are both okay. Talk about a change in personality.

Interestingly enough, Claire names her baby Aaron in a moment of panic that is both very similar and very different to the way in which he was named in season one. On the island, Claire doesn’t name her baby until Rousseau kidnaps him a few days after his birth. In the alternative time line, Aaron’s name comes 40 days early, but also under duress.


Sawyer sits at the end of the dock and Kate goes out and sits next to him. Sawyer is crying. Kate tells Sawyer that she came back for Claire to try and bring her back to Aaron. Huh? She says she shouldn’t have followed him to which Sawyer replies, “Which time?”
Sawyer says that it’s really his fault that Juliet is dead and that he thinks that some people, like him and implied – Kate, are meant to be alone. He takes a ring he’s holding and throws it into the water. “You can probably make it back to the Temple by nightfall.” He walks away and she cries.


Back at the temple, Vest is sitting in the room where they put the hurt on Sayid. He’s spinning a baseball around on his desk. Jack comes in and asks what it is. “It’s a baseball,” says Vest. Jack asks Vest why his baseball-spinning ass doesn’t speak English more often. Vest says he does it to maintain a healthy distance from the people he has to look after. Jack asks for his name. “My name is Dogen,” says Vest a.k.a. Dogen. Jack asks how he got to the island. Dogen says he was brought to the island, like everyone else. Jack doesn’t understand. Dogen says “You know exactly what I mean.” Okay. Now that made a helluva lot of sense.
Dogen guesses that Jack didn’t give Sayid the pill. Good guess. Jack wants to know what’s in it. Dogen won’t tell. You’ll just have to trust me, he says. But as we know, Jack does not play that. Jack takes the pill! Ha! Dogen runs over and ass-kick Heimlichs the pill out of Jack. Now will you tell me what’s in the pill, asks Jack? “Poison,” says Dogen.


In Claire’s hospital room, a detective shows up looking for Joan Hart. The woman who signed in with Claire. Joan is Kate secret identity. Claire covers for her. Kate reappears after the cops leave. Kate tells Calire she’s innocent and Claire believes her. Claire gives Kate her credit card. Kate tells Claire to keep the baby, you know, because they’re so close now. Claire says she doesn’t know where the name Aaron came from, it just came out. Then Kate’s like PEACE.

In the Temple, Hippie is in disbelief over Jack swallowing the pill. Believe it, Hippie. Jack failed recess, he does not play well with others. He runs with sissors. Dogen gives Jack some tea. Jack wants to know why they would want to kill Sayid. Dogen says the believe he was bad juju. Hippie translates it as “Claimed.” Jack doesn’t understand and wants to know by what exactly. Dogen says there is a darkness growing inside Sayid and once it reaches his heart, everything that was Sayid will be gone. Jack thinks this is more island bullshit double-talk and Dogen says “Because it happened to your sister.” That gets Jack’s attention.


Jin goes to a stream and takes a drink. Justin and Aldo catch up with him and rough him up. Aldo wants to know where the bitch is. Jin says he’s going back to the Temple, but Aldo is still mad that Kate kicked his ass and didn’t remember him in algebra, and considers taking it out on Jin. But just when Aldo is about to shoot Jin…POP! POP! Aldo down! POP! Justin down! Jin looks to see who the shooter is. Claire!
Claire looks at Jin, confused. Claire?

Truly loving Lost means we have to be honest when it misses the mark. And this episode, my friends, was a dud. While Kate episodes aren’t known for being the finest hours of the show, this one was particularly distasteful due to some especially uninteresting subplots and irritating character motivations.

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