What's a quarter inch really…?
April 17, 2008

I’ve loved GI Joe since the early 80s – I was a fan of the comics, the cartoon and especially the toys. GI Joe started me on customizing. GI Joe taught me not to play in a lake when a lightning storm was coming though or to hide in a refrigerator while playing hide and seek. GI Joe taught me about life… and love… ok, that last part is a flat out lie, but I don’t want anyone to underestimate the importance of GI Joe to my childhood. Some people had a guardian angel perched on their shoulder guiding them, I had a rotating crew of Joe, Cobra, Dreadnoks and Iron Grenadiers leading the way. So when the 25th Anniversary line was announced, I felt like Hasbro had reached into the rosy glow of my memory and pulled out the best parts of what GI Joe was. Perfect. Plastic. Awesomeness. Everything was perfect… except…

Except for that pesky quarter inch.

I know, I know, I’m one of maybe 6 people in the world who will complain about this. But, it’s just not right that Snake Eyes towers over Darth Vader. I just don’t understand going to a 4in scale when you (Hasbro) has built an empire on the 3.75in scale. GI Joe and Star Wars alone account for… oh, I dunno, a billion figures give or take (I’m being conservative I think). Then Hasbro announces an Indiana Jones line – also 3.74in. And there’s that rumored Marvel line coming from Hasbro… yup, 3.75in there as well. Mattel is taking the plunge into the 3.75in scale with its DC Infinite Heroes line. So the 3.75in scale has arguably never seen better times – and what prompted the resurgence in this scale? It wasn’t Star Wars. That line has existed, unbroken, since the relaunch in the early 90s. No one has been trying to emulate or compete with that. SW operates in a universe all its own. No, it was the success of the GI Joe 25th Anniversary line that spurred this on. But none of the Joes are in scale with any of the rest of these lines!

I don’t understand the logic, but that hasn’t stopped me from buying up all the new Joes I can get my hands on… and I’m sure in there somewhere is the logic I’m missing – logic that the brain trust at Hasbro tweezed out from the rosy memory of childhood when all that mattered was how Snake Eyes was going to infiltrate the Cobra base to save Darth Vader… and both of them were perfectly in scale.

Pierre "Airmax" Kalenzaga
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  • TSR says:

    Pierre, you’re bummed now, but think of the excitement you’ll feel when the 30th anniversary rolls around and Hasbro releases a new 3.75″ Joe line!

    You’ll get to buy them all over again!


  • The Superfly says:

    I hear you! The 25th figures don’t fit well in the older vehicles, which really puts the kibosh on playing with them in the tub.

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