What’s new from Gentle Giant Ltd. for November 2012!
November 15, 2012

After being the buzz of both this year’s San Diego Comic Con and Star Wars Celebration VI, Gentle Giant are proud to officially bring you two of the biggest statues they have  ever produced: the Darth Maul Spider Statue and the Sandtrooper on Dewback Animated Maquette. Both of these highly anticipated items are guaranteed to be the centerpieces of any collection. The Darth Maul Spider Statue is a unique piece because although it is inspired by the Clone Wars Animated Series version of the infamous Sith apprentice, GG has rendered this piece in a realistic style. The Sandtrooper on Dewback is the latest piece in their Animated Maquette series, and represents their continued commitment to bringing one of the greatest sagas of all time to fans in new and exciting ways.

Speaking of large pieces, did you just hear that? That’s the sound of our Hulk Avengers Movie Mini Bust landing. This piece is a “mini” bust in name only. The perfect companion piece to the Thor, Captain America and Iron Man Movie Mini Busts, no collector’s team will be complete without it.

Rounding out this month’s solicitations are two pieces that are guaranteed to excite collectors. GG finishes off the Jabba’s Palace Band sub-series of Mini Busts with Max Rebo, the cornerstone of the band. This bust comes with a unique red ball organ-inspired base and is sure to look fantastic in any display. Also, they continue their line of Battle Droids with the OOM Pilot Droid Mini Bust. This blue-accented battle droid fits right in with our Battle Droid Mini Bust and their forthcoming Security Droid Mini Bust. Like its predecessors, this piece comes with a sound chip embedded in the base.


Max Rebo Mini Bust – $75

Leader of the legendary (and eponymous) Max Rebo band, this Ortolan musician was born Siiruulian Phantele. After working as a musician in a flanth house for years, young Siiruulian was finally given his big break by an ambitious talent agent. Joined by Sy Snootles and Droopy McCool,  the Max Rebo Band was born! Little did they know that their first contract would include lifelong indentured service to the nefarious gangster, Jabba the Hutt. Oops. Only when Jabba was killed by Princess Leia Organa were the members of the band free to tour the galaxy again.

Now you can confine the band to your own palace as well! The Max Rebo Mini Bust features the famous musician seated in his signature Red Ball Organ. Digitally sculpted and hand painted, this limited edition mini bust comes individually numbered with a matching certificate of authenticity.

License: Star Wars
Item Number:  80206
UPC:  8-71810-00971-8
Dimensions:  5”x 6” x 4 ½ “
Release Date: Q2 2013


Pilot Battle Droid Mini Bust – $75

The OOM pilot battle droid was an OOM-series battle droid in the Trade Federation Droid Army and, later, the Separatist Droid Army for the purpose of piloting vehicles of various kinds. Differentiated from its B-1 Battle Droid or OOM Security Droid brethren by its blue markings, these droids lack the combat programming of the other models, but make up for it by their expansive database of craft they know how to operate.

Hand-crafted by the artisans at Gentle Giant Ltd., this incredibly detailed mini bust has been cold cast in high quality polystone, painted by hand and includes a built-in sound chip in the base. The limited edition Pilot Droid Mini Bust comes individually numbered with a matching certificate of authenticity.

License: Star Wars
Item Number:  80022
UPC: 8-71810-00972-5
Dimensions:  2 7/8” x 2 7/8” x 6 ¾”
Release Date: Q2 2013


Darth Maul Spider Statue – $399

One of the largest statues we’ve ever made, this new piece celebrates the return of one of the Prequel Trilogy’s most iconic characters – Darth Maul. After surviving his bisection at the hands of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Maul managed to find his way to the junk planet of Lotho Minor. There, he slowly succumbs to insanity while assembling a terrifying chassis designed to resemble spider legs from scrap metal. It is almost a decade before his brother, Savage Oppress, finds him and reintroduces his evil to the Galaxy…
Boasting an unmatched level of detail, this limited edition hand-painted statue is a must-have for any serious Star Wars fan or collector. Hand-crafted using only the highest quality polystone and individually numbered, this piece comes with a matching certificate of authenticity. Embrace the Dark Side.

License: Star Wars
Item Number:  80287
UPC: 8-71810-00973-2
Dimensions:  18”x 18” x 14 ½”
Release Date: Q2 2013


Sandtrooper on Dewback Animated Maquette – $399

Gentle Giant Ltd. is proud to bring you the Sandtrooper on Dewback Animated Maquette. Inspired by the art and style of master animator Genndy Tartakovsky and his work on the original Clone Wars Miniseries, you will find no other collectable like this in the Galaxy.
Featuring a surreal level of detail, this statue boasts charm and personality. Cold cast in high-quality polystone and hand-painted, this highly stylized limited edition statue is individually numbered and comes with a matching certificate of authenticity.

License: Star Wars
Item Number:  80193
UPC:  8-71810-00974-9
Dimensions: 13 ¾” x 13 ¾ “ x 14 ¾”
Release Date: Q2 2013


Hulk Avengers Movie Mini Bust – $95

Tony Stark: You really have got a lid on it, haven’t you? What’s your secret? Mellow jazz? Bongo drums? Huge bag of weed?

A modern Jeckyll & Hyde, genius scientist Bruce Banner and his raging alter-ego, The Hulk (both portrayed by Mark Ruffalo) are one (two?) of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, THE AVENGERS! Assembled by Nick Fury, The Hulk and the rest of The Avengers are first tasked with defending the world from the evil Norse god of mischief, Loki and his army of Chitauri invaders.

Now you can Assemble your own Avengers with the Hulk Avengers Mini Bust! Rendered using the authentic digital sculpts from the film, this mini bust is the definition of screen accurate. Cold cast in high quality polystone and hand-painted, these individually numbered limited edition mini busts are a must-have for any true Marvel fan.

License: Marvel
Item Number:  80294
UPC:  8-71810-00975-6
Dimensions: 10 ½”x 9”x 9 ½”
Release Date: Q2 2013

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