WizKids continues to preview Galactic Guardains
February 7, 2012

As we prepare for Toy Fair, NECA and Wiz Kids are not taking a break.  Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday they have been previewing more pieces from their upcoming sets of HeroClix.  Star Trek tactics – which involves ship battles has just released.  The big push now is Galactic Guardians, their next upcoming major release.

Master of the Mystic Arts (follow the link for more details!)

More Strangeness after the jump!

And what is a hero without villains?  Here is one of Dr. Strange’s greatest adversaries!

Dread Lord of the Dark Dimension (follow the link for the full story!)

And yes, Dormammu does have a larger than usual base.   It covers 4 squares on the map and will come in an oversized booster!

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  • demoncat says:

    love how dark and nasty Dormammu looks for a hero clicks plus love all the powers doctor strange comes with that that will proably take a lot of clicks to activate plus having to decide which version to use.

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