WizKids new Galactic Guardians set Releases!
April 14, 2012

Earlier this week saw the release of WizKids newest HeroClix set, Galactic Guardians.  Available in single pckas, 5 figure boosters, and a 6 figure starter set.

I played in a sealed tournament on Thursday.  400 points.  I my 2 boosters I pulled : Adam Warlock, Gamora, Nebula, Annihilation Seeker, Xavin, Nova Corps Centurian, Doombot, Hollywood, Cardinal Raker, and Medusa.  The first 4 became my team.  I lost the first round, but won the next to for a score of 2 -1.  One of the awesome things about the event was that since this was the first week of a new set, I had never seen the pieces before and between the 8 players we had, we pulled just about every piece.  Someone even pulled a chase figure.


Erik "Superfriend" Skov
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  • Erik superfriend says:

    I forgot to mention:
    1. The chase pieces are variants of Mr. Fantastic, the Silver Surfer, Dr. Doom, and Thanos.
    2. The limited edition pieces you can win at tournaments are story specific versions of Spiderman, Wolverine, Hulk, and Iron Man as members of the Fantastic Four.

  • darkknight30 says:

    I like this set, but many of the figures leave me feeling….. bleh. I’ve purchased 5 boosters and a super booster (Galactus!!!), getting two Super Rares and not much else. I think this set could have been better by including all of Galactus’ heralds. That being said, Thanos and Dr.Doom are great figures!

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