Wolverine Figures Now In Stores – In Hand Images
June 10, 2013


The new Hasbro Wolverine line is in stores now! I got my hands on the Warrior Claw Wolverine! More images after the jump…


At a Toys R Us in Burbank (sounds like a song) I found the new Wolverine figures. Silver Samurai, Hand Ninja, and Logan were all on the shelf, as well as assorted play items for the “kids”. Silver Samurai had a nice sculpt, but ever since we got a first look at the figures I’ve been excited for the “Tiger Stripe” Wolverine. The look of the sculpt reminded me of Young Justice, and I don’t have a decent “Tiger Stripe” Wolvie figure, so I was excited to find him. In the package he looked decent but for $9.99 I was surprised at the poor paint apps. I think that price point is a mistake as I thought this line was going to be marked lower like the Iron Man 3 and Spider-Man lines. Either way I was pleased with what I saw, despite the price point. Then I got him home…(sounds like a bad date)


Dude is tiny (still, a bad date). Unfortunately he’s a very small guy, even for Wolverine he looks a tad bigger than Puck.

20130608_212431That’s what he looks like next to my Fugazi-Samurai Logan custom. Still too tiny. This of course was disappointing, as I knew that my hopes of him fitting in with Young Justice figures, don’t ask why, would be dashed. And I was 100% right…


So yeah…but he does look okay next to Tin-Tin Superman from Carl’s Jr…


So, unless they lower the price I would say the rest of the line is a definite pass for me. But don’t be bummed, here’s a better shot at my Samurai Logan:


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  • Brainlock says:

    A- is the samurai Logan a custom?
    B- is this the BAF Puck wave? 🙁

    • Cesar Zamora Cesar "Masked Avenger" Zamora says:

      A: Technically yes it is a custom, Marvel Universe Wolverine X-men Costume head with the body from the Captain America 2 pack, Sith robe, GI Joe belt/sword.

      B: This is the 3 3/4 line, that is quasi movie related.

  • Shellhead says:

    UGH. I’ve seen these as well and they are terrible. Reduced articulation and so-so paint. I was thinking about adding Silver Samurai to my villain shelve, but I can’t stand the costume they went with.
    More money saved, I guess.

  • Carl says:

    I actually prefer the less articulation…BECAUSE THE FIGURES CAN ACTUALLY STAND!!! A figure runs the risk of falling over easily if it’s too articulated…especially in the legs. Stand or no stand. I love how these and the All Star Spidey figures look displayed on my shelf. To that I say bring back the 90’s articulation. The earlier 90’s figs display so much better than the cheap flimsy plastic used today.

  • Aaron says:

    I really like the 12 inch Wolverine figure. The sculpt looks great and the claws look awesome. I understand the limited articulation and paint is not for everyone but I like it.

  • TheBippi says:

    I LOVE how once HASBLO took over the Marvel license from ToyBiz they completely butcher the action figure lines and barely release any figures. They need to give the license back to ToyBiz who had an amazing run on all the Marvel figures and did the fans justice!

  • Donkeybrains says:

    I’m just glad they FINALLY got around to making some wolverine figures…….

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