“Wolverine – Weapon X: Tomorrow Dies Today” Available…Today!
May 13, 2014


In stores today is the new Marvel Knights presentation of “Wolverine – Weapon X: Tomorrow Dies Today”, I’ll be taking a quick look at this latest release from Shout! Factory.

I’m a big fan of the Marvel Knights Animation series and I’ve reviewed several in the past, and while I did enjoy this latest installment of the adventures of everybody’s favorite Canadian Superhero, it wasn’t perfect, so I’ll start off with the bad.


Once again my biggest complaint is the fact that while you can watch all the chapters at once you still have to sit through the credits every single time. I’ll consider that my biggest gripe with this and all Marvel Knights Animations, but it’s really just me being impatient. I also wasn’t very impressed with the art in this one, I don’t mean the animation (which I loved, more on that in a sec) but Ron Garney’s style is kind of an unpolished inconsistent style that wasn’t really my thing. My final complaint would be that while I enjoyed the concept of the story by Jason Aaron (it’s basically “Days of Future Past” meets “Terminator”) I feel that it left me with many questions left unanswered and for a one-off story like this didn’t have the best resolution.



What I liked about “Wolverine – Weapon X: Tomorrow Dies Today” (say that 3 times fast) is that of all the Marvel Knights Animation movies that I’ve seen this one had the best animation. By that I mean it had the most fluid feel to it, with a great range of motion that save for a few spots, I really felt like I was watching a full on cartoon and not a motion comic. I think that Marvel Knights has found a nice groove and balance and hope they continue with these types of releases. While I don’t think it’s the best story they’ve done I look forward to future ones and would highly recommend this to fans of Marvel Knights Animation, as well as novices because it would be a great introduction to motion comics without being too jarring or weird to watch. The DVD is available at Walmart and Amazon starting today! Special thanks to Tom Chen over at Shout! Factory.




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  • demoncat_4 says:

    deathlocke looks like he is not only aged in that first pic but also looking like hie has fire coming from his fingers in the second pic. wolverine vs deathlocke going to have to get the film now. to see how bad they both beat each other up.

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