World Premiere Exclusive Miracle Metal Works Vehicle Voltron Lands on Our Shores!
June 17, 2013


Ever since I was given the opportunity to take an early first look at Miracle Productions’ Vehicle Voltron in progress, I (along with collectors worldwide) have been salivating for the finished product. As excited as I was back then, you can imagine how it felt to get the email asking if I’d like to be the first in the Western Hemisphere to review the final production sample! After almost two years of anticipation, the wait is finally over!

Upon opening up the gigantic, heavy box, this is the view we are treated to. I’m not saying the heavens parted and I heard angels singing, but the sense of nostalgia was very, very heavy.


Before we look forward, I think it’s important to take a look back. I mean, Vehicle Voltron really hasn’t appeared in toy form in almost 30 years. There were some Toynami vinyls a few years back, but if it doesn’t transform into 15 separate, individual vehicles, it really doesn’t count, does it? As someone who owns the vintage US version, it always saddened me that we never got a modern counterpart. Toy technology has advanced so far since those days, with Bandai’s excellent Soul of Chogokin, Takara’s exceptional Masterpiece Transformers, and even Toynami’s impressive Masterpiece Lion Force Voltron. I always wondered, why not vehicle Voltron? Well, after seeing this piece, I finally understand why, and I can sum it up in one word:


The sheer amount of engineering it must have taken to go from Matchbox’s offering almost 30 years ago, who really is just capable of standing straight up, to Miracle Metal Works amazing version, explains why this toy has been in development for so long. Gone is the non-articulation, the visible nose cones hanging off the back of his thighs, and those annoying friction powered wheels on the bottom. Lets take a look at each of the new vehicles. As you can see, I’ve included the originals as well for comparison, hovering in the background like ghosts of the past. I have a lot of fondness for the vintage toy, but these vehicles are far more detailed than their predecessor. Additionally, they each have die cast metal content. EVERY SINGLE VEHICLE. Of course, each team can form their respective vehicle combiners. These are some of my favorite modes, and they’re recreated here faithfully!

The Air Team

The Land Team

The Sea Team

Let’s Form Voltron!!!


Enough of the prelims, it’s on to the main event. Here’s where things get very interesting. We start off with the feet. The two cars have spring loaded button on the bottom,which are used to extend the “soles” of his feet downward. It’s a touch I certainly wasn’t expecting. Then, using another spring loaded bottom on the back of the cars, we flip the roof panel up and around, exposing the cleverly hidden attachment points. After attaching the feet to the lower legs, it’s time to transform the upper thighs. On the vintage toy, the rocket nose cones simply dangle visibly on the back of the legs. Not anymore! The rockets front air intake slides down and inward, the whole until splits in half, connectors extend, and the nose cones fold inside. Genius.

Now comes another opportunity to marvel at the engineering that went into this toy. The pelvis unfolds, and the stacks which connect the pelvis to the legs swing downward. The head and chest planes both attach via magnet, leaving clean connection points. Everything else attaches via locking ratcheting joints. Voltron is VERY solid upon completion.

Now its time for some real fun. Because of the way Voltron is engineered, he can hold most any pose with ease. He’s big and heavy, measuring a full 13 inches tall and weighing several pounds.

Also included are several accessories. Included are three extra sets of hands for various tasks, his laser whip, the spears in their various incarnations, the spinning blades (from his shoulder copters), and of course, the Blazing Sword. Since mine is a sample version, it came with two versions of the regular chromed sword. The final version includes three swords; Regular, chromed gold “blazing”, and chromed blue.


Defenders of the Universe

Articulation is where this piece really shines. It’s like he’s coming alive off of my television screen. I don’t know about you, but I would’ve done a whole lot of chores around the house as a kid for one of these!By now, I’m sure you’re wondering how he compares to various incarnations of Voltron. As you can see, he’s smaller than the gigantic vintage toy, but not by much. If you own Toynami’s Masterpiece Lion giftset, you’ll be happy to hear that they are practically made for each other; the scale matches perfectly, as Vehicle Voltron has always been the larger of the two.

As of press time, this toy is an Asian market exclusive only. There are currently no plans to offer him stateside, which is a real shame. If you’re a Voltron fan (and if you’ve read this far down, I’m going to assume you are), you really need to track one of these down, he’s just super-sexy. I’d like to thank Miracle Productions for giving me the honor and privilege of reviewing Voltron, I can’t wait to see what they’ve got up their sleeves next! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some Robeasts I gotta deal with…

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