Mattel Talks About the Writing of the MOTUC Bios
April 14, 2010

We actually worked out quite a lot of the big picture from day 1. Although their are no plans for a graphic novel, from figure 1 we worked out a full timeline of all events based on the 2002 series (including notes on season 3 plots and what could have been season 4 with the NA characters) mini comics, vintage story bibles and other unpublished treatments (such as the Snakemen and Powers of Grayskull story outlines from 1987). It is all there, from creation of the universe to the final battle!

This is part of why I spent so much time researching the brand for the design group’s art book. All of the research really paid off as we put the bios together. (hey who needs having weekends off anyway…)

We had a specific set of goals with the bios such as aligning a unique and separate importance of both He-Ro and King Grayskull (who in 1987 were essentially the same character) into He-Man’s origin as well as finding ways to logically incorporate demanded characters we knew fans wanted as toys such as Wun-Dar, the Goddess and toys/characters based on early design sketches into a streamlined continuity. We knew this would be challenging since so much of the vintage material contradicts other later storylines. (hey, just look at the first mini comic when "He-Man" was clearly not Prince Adam)

This timeline/storyline was then written into the bios strategically designed to be revealed bit by bit. All of the bios through 2016 were written at the same time by the same team to ensure a sense of continuity and purpose. We even tried to use as much existing material in the bios such as word-for-word pick ups from the 1987 licensor kits and the single line of copy from the vintage card backs (which was used as the final line in most bios!).

Fans should have a good idea of the full story somewhere around the middle of 2012. (based on how good fans are about putting it all together!). A lot more info is out there then many fans realize, you just don’t have all the clues yet to put it together! That’s just part of the fun. 🙂

So when fans comment such as "the bios are getting better" or "this bio is better then this one, so Mattel should get this bio’s writer to write them all", remember they were ALL written together by the same team before the first figure hit the internet!

The overall storyline as told through the bios may not be for everyone and it is not intended to be a one true definitive cannon story. It was not intended to be a story that would work as a graphic novel or even an animated series. Our goal was to create a storyline that worked for toys which would incorporate the maximum number of characters and battle situations therefore allowing us to include the maximum number of toys in the line.

If it is also entertaining and a fun ride as well as answering a lot of unresolved plot points from over 30 years of brand history, all the better!

We absolutely left room for growth. If new characters become available to us we will work them into the line as needed. But the major characters (i.e. those who had toys in the 1980s, mini comics) or were in the 2002 series have all been worked out, bios, names and all!



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