X-Plus USA's Hanna-Barbera Herculoids
February 25, 2013

photo 4I always regretted not buying the Toynami Herculoids sets when they were easily available. They are definitely one of the coolest cartoon families ever. Of course, I had only vague recollections of the cartoon so I watched a couple episodes the other day. Pretty much what you’d expect from a Alex Toth / Hanna-Barbera cartoon of the era. (Although, the Herculoids actually occupied two eras: the first 18 episodes aired around 1967 and the 11 episode “Space Stars” revival aired between 1981-82.) Anyway, the character designs were super cool and just screaming for more toys.

My first reaction after opening the Big Bad Toy Store box and pulling these out was: “Oh, they’re small.” Its not like I didn’t know they were 3 3/4″ scale. That’s why the heck I was in from the day I laid eyes on the Big Bad Toy Store preorder. But maybe I just had the scale of those Toynami ones in my head.

The packaging is simple but attractive. Encouraging is the fact that the card art shows the whole Herculoids team. Fingers tightly crossed that X-Plus can get to Tara & Dorno, Zok, Igoo, and Gloop & Gleep.


photo 2-1


photo 5

Zandor and Tundro have a nice vintage-y feel. Of course, the characters themselves are based on an old cartoon but the clean, stylized, five POA figure really fits in well with figures of the 80’s. It doesn’t bother me but worth noting that Zandor’s shield is sculpted to his arm. Tundro only had swivel head articulation. Wouldn’t have minded something more there so you could maybe lift and lower his head. How am I supposed to get good range with those energy rocks he blasts out of his horn?

photo 1


photo 3

Here is a comparison of Zandor with some other shield-loving vintage figures.

photo 2

Certainly wishing X-Plus the best with their Hanna-Barbera line. I did not order the other figures from this first wave (Fred Flintstone, Scooby Doo, and Dick Dastardly.) I was excited to see a few vendors at Frank & Sons selling them last week, however, and I did buy a Dick Dastardly. Also a great figure.

I think my excitement with this X-Plus line stems from some general disappointment with the Jazwares Hanna-B line. Those figures seem cheap and ugly by comparison. And I don’t understand splitting characters between scales. Like, I totally would have bought Hong Kong Phooey but I don’t want the larger scale. Oh well. Hopefully X-Plus will get to him. So, if you’re on the fence with these, I’d selfishly say go for it. Support the line. I want Igoo!

photo 1-1

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  • Chip Cataldo says:

    Wow, I had no idea about these! Thanks so much for covering them, Dan…they’ll eventually be on a shelf in my home. 🙂

  • demoncat says:

    never thought after the toynomie line any one would try and do the herculoids or a any hb characters as toys again. tempted to now get my own and maybe help convince the company there is enough support for the whole team including Igoo who is going to be one interesting figure if he manages to get made.

  • stewbacca says:

    Now if we can just get some comparison shots to the Toynami stuff– I wonder if that tundro is the same exact mold..

  • Traie says:

    Great review Dan!

    I also picked these two up as well as a Scoob. Any idea why the eBay prices are so through the roof right now?

  • Ariellagunas says:

    I have the Toynami figures, and i can say they are not at all the same mould. These are different scale and shape. The toynami ones all the monsters have action features. Thundro shoots out balls, the dragon lights up the eyes etc.
    I think till assortment will do well as it appeals to a broad spectrum of people.

  • Mikey Wood says:

    At $40 for the par it’s, sadly, sort of out of my price range for the size it is.

    Although I have been known to second-guess myself.

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