"You call him 'Doctor Jones'!"
April 15, 2008

Well, it’s just a little over two weeks until the official release of Hasbro’s new Indiana Jones toys and I’m chomping at the bit.  See, I’ve been waiting nearly 25 years for these just because I missed out on them the first time around.  Back then I read the novelization for Raiders of the Lost Ark first and decided that it was going to be too gory for my tastes so I sat it out (was probably a good thing, I’ve just watched the "gory" parts for the first time a few months back) so I missed out on Kenner’s toys in ’81.  Eventually I tried to put together a set after a flea market find of some carded second series figures but Marion and the Monkey Man constantly eluded me (or at least they eluded the amount my wallet had in it) so I gave up and sold my Indy collection about 10 years ago.  I’m jazzed for these toys no end and I’ve been trying to decide who gets opened first when I return from the store (if they stay packaged that long) but I may just have to wait until I have them in hand to make that decision final.  I’ll be back to write about them I’m sure — I’ll be too excited to not write about them!

Hasbro 2008 Indiana Jones Checklist

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