Zeta Project on DVD this week!
March 16, 2009

Not sure how I missed this.  I’m a huge fan of this style, and feel that every tv series spun out of Batman TAS deserves to be available on DVD.  I’ve been waiting for news of Static Shock for so long, apparently Zeta had completely slipped off and under my radar.

 Zeta Project tells the story of a hunter/killer robot who gains a sense of self and morality, on the run from those who built it, while looking for his creator to find his purpose.  As the box says, the character first appeared in Batman Beyond (episode: Zeta).  Fans know that there was a cross-over later, between the two shows, with Batman Beyond guest starring on Zeta Project.  Later, the Justice League shows used "Zeta Trainer" robots for training, as shown in two episodes which both featured Supergirl (Fearful Symmetry, Far From Home).

(picture credits: www.WorldsFinestOnLine.com)

 This week, Season 1 of Zeta Project arrives on DVD.  As a fan, I couldn’t be happier.  And it makes me more encouraged that Static Shock will eventually find its way  to DVD as well.

(You can order a copy from Amazon.com using the link below)

The Zeta Project: Season 1

Oh yeah. Toys.  I’d like to see Mattel sneak Zeta – taken right from the cover of the DVD set – into their JLU line.  Along with this guy, IU7.  The IU7 was sent after Zeta to capture/destroy him.


(picture credit: www.WorldsFinestOnLine.com)


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  • Erik superfriend says:

    Could explain to me why “Season 1” is 12 episodes when I’ve always thought seasons were 13 episodes in general?

  • The Justice League also used Zeta Class training robots in the first “Secret Society” episode, as well. I never caught this show while it was on the air, so I’m definitely looking forward to picking it up this weekend. It will be the first time in three years that I get to watch something from the DCAU that I’ve never seen before. Like you, I’m also eagerly awaiting (and sometimes campaigning for) a proper Static Shock release. In the meantime, I’ve been enjoying the show on Disney XD.

    Having missed the series, I don’t know the answer to your question, but you might be able to find out something on the Toon Zone site.

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